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Today I will start writing somethings on what I normally do as a Project Manager. There will be many experience Project Managers out there who will be better than me and will definitely have better idea and hopefully they will give good comments for all the readers to learn. Anyway it all started .....................................lal la lah

While blogging, one of the trainee from USM ( Unversity Sains Malaysia) asked me to write on construction topics. Topics based on my past experience. Let get started.

Site Layout
The first work to be taken before any construction could take place is to visit the site with a set of approved drawing, normally issued by the Architect ( SO of the job) Things to observe when visiting the site
1. Access road around the site
2. The surrounding neighbours lot
3. Other visible sign of the site.

Site Preparation
1. Hire a license surveyor to locate the boundary. The surveyor will have to carry out a "precom." of the site.
2. Site Clearing
3. Hoarding up the whole site and also establish the temporary entrance.
4. Site Investigation as required by the Engineer
5. Locate where will be the best position to set up the site office,camp, bath and toilets area. To some company, they would seek the advice of a Feng Shui master. This task will enable the safety and cooperation among the construction team and smooth flow of the project.
I remembered when I was in Iran for the first job. I was very surprised that the workers also took some joss stick from
Singapore and started praying once the first workers cabin which was transferred from Neka Power Station was put on base in Hasankif sub station.
6. Location of the "Datuk Kong:" shrine must also be determined.
7. Re-study again the whole project plan in case it is break up into different phases.
8. Locate any site problems from existing completed projects.
7. Locate and install the water supply, electricity and telecommunication line
8. Any protection needed to protect all the existing public utilities including what is in the ground.
9. Submission to local Authorities for example CIDB (construction Industries and DevelopmentJPPP (Safety and Health Department) and also Perdadangan ( ).

Building constructions breaks into Building works and Civil works

Building Works
According to the Quantity Surveyor, it will be categories into (a) Sub Structure and (b) Superstructure.

(A)Substructure WorksPublish Post
Normally consists of all works below the ground for example Piling,Foundation and Basement
Consists of all works on the Ground level and above.

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