Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Oak Valley, Korea

Oak Valley Eco Resort, Korea

The Eco resort which we stayed
(less than 10 hours)

The Oak Valley resort that we have visited is one of the renowned Ski Resort in the world and nicknamed as Young and Easy. A Resort master plan by Wimberly, Allison ,Tong and Goo (WATG) .Penang Hotel Equatorial was also designed by WATG which I was involved with the construction in Penang , Malaysia. Two hours drive from Seoul , we finally reached this Eco resort in the night and very unfortunately have to leave the following day after our breakfast. This is the mid autumn and we did not see any snow. Anyway, I have managed to take a few photo of the internal layout of the actual rooms and the surroundings area beside the condominium for memory. If only I could go back for one more time .

Our daily get together to discuss what we have not purchased. Obeiliao has received an sms from his son to purchase more Korea noodle flavour and not to miss Lulu's sister to her

Eco view of the surrounding area

Overall Oak Valley Layout

Rooms layout

Kitchen with all cooking facilities provided.................................. Living

Korea Style bedroom which I slept. ............................Master Bedroom slept by Mr Tan

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