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Korea Trip (updated 28/11/07)


Obeiliao, Obeiliao, have you seen the itinerary on company trip to Korea and Hong Kong that was faxed to you at Moonlight Bay?. Not yet. Immediately after that call, my name was heard over the wireless, Walkie Talkie ( a
communication set use for every sites). My stenographer, Miss Tan, informed me that there was a fax on a Korea, Hong Kong trip from HQ. As I was quite busy, I told her over the air that I would be collecting it during lunch time.
Well, finally the boss has decided on the type of trip we should be going. Last few trips by the company was a study cum holiday trips. L
ooking through the itinerary, I noticed that it will be the same as past trips.
I have a bad impression of Korea for during my honeymoon trip in 1984 the food was really not adaptable to me. Only one dish that I could eat was the famous Ginseng rice cum noodle soup. In spite of working together with t
he Koreans in the Asian Bintulu Fertiliser Plant, Sarawak, Malaysia, I still could not get adapted to the Korea food.
I went back home and told my wife about the trip. I told her that this trip could be lousy but than she was quite optimistic about my trip. She told me seen our last Korea trip in 1984, there should be many changes in this country. Many tourist are going there due to many tour trips advertisement on Korea where were constantly aired in the TV. That is true seen the show , Winter Sonata and also The Jewel in the Palace were screened. Everybody gave these comments, Good show, Handsome and beautiful actress and blur blur ....

What to check before this trip
1. Weather

Upon reaching home , I went straight to my desktop and start going through what Yahoo weather has to give me. The answer was Korea, Indoen,
was having the highest 15 C and lowest 5C. during this Autumn season
Why looking at this topic? Well during my first trip o
versea under JEL (Jurong Engineer, Singapore) the administrator did not inform me that it was snowing in Iran and I have to carry my winter clothing with me when going on board the plane. I DID NOT HAVE MY WINTER CLOTHING WHEN ARRIVED IN TEHERAN. Anyway, I was given by one passenger beside me some extra blankets (Air France) to wrap around my body before walking down the aisle. Before leaving the aircraft door, a stewardess asked me where was my winter clothing. I told her that it was in my Checked In Baggage. Instead of scolding me, she asked me to move aside and with speedy action she took from me all the woolen blankets and folded them neatly. After that she placed one on my waist , my neck, and another to hold it in my hand.. ( will post the picture of this blankets ,below) With motherly touch she completed the process and warmly whispered into my ear with these words, "It is very cold outside, 0 degree, keep yourself warm, take care." I thanked her and left the Aircraft

Courtesy of Air France. Thank you.

I told my wife about the temperature and asked her whether all my winter clothing from Iran were still available and she laughed answer immediately.. My dear, how could you wear them, you were so slim that time but anyway, your Dad has one sweater,socks that might fit you.
Anyway, I was quite worry and went to buy a "long john" (thermal type) a day before we took off. and also borrowed a winter jacket from my colleague in case.

2. Insurance

You might have heard all the unlucky incidents of travelers so without a second thought, a few of insured ourselves with one of the established agent in Penang. As usual the rest of the staff also insured with another agent.

3. Flight schedule

Without fail all of us were at the airport 2 hours before taking off. The reason was because all of us have to check in individually in spite of a group tour. Cathay Pacific
was very strict which was good . Apart from this our Group was quite big .

The Trip ( 4/11/07)

Day 1

A few days before leaving, a few of us got our specific instructions . My Senior and me was assigned as Baggage Leader. I was also assigned an extra duty, Interviewer.
Upon arrival at the airport, as usual ,X ray our bags and later we were asked to check in individually with out boarding pass which was done earlier When everything was done, before going into the immigration counter, I started to inform all staffs to finish their drink and throw away the bottle for the airline has imposed a strict regulation on the drink issue. the plane took off as per schedule time.

Issue discussed in the Aircraft cabin
1. How much money have you change for this trip?
2. Is it very cold in Korea?
3. How many hours will we transit in Hong Kong?
4. Who are the VIP following us?
5. Who is your roommate for this trip? Will he or she snore?
Does your family ask you to buy anything for them?

The plane landed in Hong Kong on time. We entered through the gate for transit passenger ( with boarding pass) and was re screened again . Hong Kong authority was very strict. I felt secure over this matter. Something happened at this transit counter. Our main Anchor man , Mr Goh, did not see the signage indicating " no camera "shooting and he was immediately stop by the Authority. He has replay for them to see where he shot and later on he mentioned that he was searched very thoroughly for his mistake. "DON'T PLAY,PLAY."
Food in the airport was very expensive and also a bottle of water
Regardless of the price, we still eat for everybody was worry that the food supplied in the aircraft on the way to Korea might not be sufficient!

When we were on the flight from Hong Kong to Seoul , the meal provided by Cathy Pacific was very good and not as was everybody has assumed. We continue the rest of the journey and arrived safely in Indoen, Seoul.
Upon arrival , we went to Thai restaurant to have our dinner and later before checking into the hotel, we stop at a shopping complex , Coex Shopping Mall .and start to look around and final to our first Hotel in Korea called Imperial Palace Hotel at Nonhyun-dong, Gangnum-gu. Seoul.

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