Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Penang Map by Google

Great News

Very glad to receive the email from my niece from USA. Well, quickly download the map to my blog and upon arriving at the office informed those relevant departments of the great new. Why so?
Most of the time, I have observed that they are trying to locate and trace the map from existing printed document. Scan it and edit in as a soft copy . I even did it for my Chiak Bei Liao blog, using Autocad to do it. Finally all the tedious work might stop here. It will be great for I could blog better with location and pictures .
A Big hurrah for Google.
Everyone who saw it at my blog was very impress of Google and ha!! so is obeiliao .
How did you know this and the answer.............blah........blah.. the story start all over again.....hee hee!!!! I would like thank my niece for the update of IT info. If only I am 30 old years now, life would be wonderful to see the next 30 years of future IT.

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  1. wow... this is nice... i would happy to share this to my reader.. this is a good news for us penang-lang and as well as visitors....

    btw... feel passionate when i saw your blog.. it give me motivation and always trigger me there are more things to learn out there...