Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Friends: Life Greatest Treasure

Be Happy when somebody leave the company

Being at my age, I would always encourage younger people to move forward and explore the outside world and even to enrich their life with more education. Today, I am very happy for one of my colleague will be leaving us by the end of next month for further studies in England. Being a very competent and hardworking staff in every way, Erna will be following this route.
Tonight, at Evergreen hotel, we are there to enjoy a good buffet and also sharing all our idea from how to date a girl down to being a good pregnant mother. Not to miss out the daily happening in the Planning Department. Laughter are heard at each corner and matchmaking idea are also encouraged. Secret of spending a company trip as a honeymoon trip are also exposed but yet to confirm.
Well, at the end of the dinner, good thought prevails and always be cherished by all of us. Cheers, Erna will be leaving us for a better future undertakings in her pursue for higher education. All The Best To You, Erna, from all of us.

Good friends are hard to be forgotten
7/16/07 (Lunar date)

After the dinner, as all of us left, the sadness of my closest friend, Ng Ah Moi flashes through my mind and not to forget, tonight is her first death anniversary. Upon reaching home, I told my wife of the good food provided by the restaurant and reminded her of the Ah Moi's death anniversary. She mentions that nothing is published by The Star newspaper. Maybe her immediate family could have published it in the Chinese Newspaper. She will always be remembered by her love one. All of a sudden, something reminded me to call her 2nd daughter to check on her welfare. At the other side of the line, she sounds very happy and she told me that all of them are OK and her final exam will be at the end of this year. I make a note to remind myself to give her a call as a moral support at the examination time.
Why this call? Well, it is very hard to explain as one of my closest friend quoted,
"As a good friend you should have done it for I would have done the same."

Ah Moi and me during college day

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