Thursday, August 16, 2007

Installation and Celebration for the Datuk Kong (updated 22/08/07)

After prayer, all staff would gather and have a big feast

Food arranging for prayer at Datuk Shrine
Island Resort Project. Penang

In construction, whenever we start a new project, we would start installing a new Datuk Kong Shrine at a suitable location in the site. After a few problems regarding the location, we finally agreed to a new location. When erecting the base slab earlier,I have checked with our Feng Shui master on its location but still there are objection and a further clarification by him cleared the doubt of the first location. No doubt the Shrine is facing the sea, as long as there is a piece of land in front, the future development below it, then the location would be fine. The most important is the compass direction.
Well, the installation was done on an auspicious day about two week ago, the day when the Heaven door was opened and today,big prayer celebration was for all involved with this project to come forward and offer a prayer to the Datuk Kong.
Believe it or not the "Chai" that was hanging at the door came out. Unlucky nobody buy it. He!

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