Friday, August 24, 2007

Por Tor in Penang Times Square Site

Ivory "Por Tor" Day (All Soul Day)
edited on 27/8/07

Today, the day where all the Ivory's staff from every departments will turn up for the
Por Tor ceremony.

What is "Por Tor"? It is a word in Hokkien and this ceremony takes place on the 7 th lunar month (whole month) where it is believe that all the loose souls are allowed to come out to our present world to roam and enjoy all foods that are offered by we, the living people. This is what I was told seen young.
Arrangement for the ceremony started seen yesterday afternoon with one of our staff, Ah Khoon Chek, cleaning up the road beside where we would place all the stuff for the prayer. A temporary Joss Paper Oven was immediately constructed yesterday

beside it.

Look at all the foods
As early 8.30am, all the staffs started to place all purchased items and cooked food
on a temporary erected table using scaffolding. At around 10.00am all contractors
started to arrive and then followed by staffs from the Head Office at 11.00am.
At 11.30am sharp, our Boss turned to initiate the Por Tor Ceremony.

Hi, long Hi , long time no see. How is life at your site. You look prosperous

Oop, who took this picture of Obeiliao making the final prayer

When all staff has prayed, one of the staff has to make a final prayer to and ask permission to burn the joss paper. By using two coins and tossing them into the air , the coins will fall to the ground and if the the face of the coins are different. then we has a " yes' to proceed the burning of the joss paper and also to let the staff to eat the foods. The ceremony ended at around 12.30pm. Thank to everybody who in one way or another making this ceremony a successful one.

" Chut Jip Peng Ann, Peng Ann"

Not to forget , all the staffs also went over to the "Datuk Kong" shrine to pray since they are here.
A question pop up, any senses of a good number. Well, one of our workers was asking "Datuk"for a good number at the end of the ceremony and the number is 9999

Good luck to whoever view this blog

This number never turn up but 9699. Quite close Eh!

Well, the real number that came out on Saturday was 1406. Why this number? Well , on that day before we start praying, one of our staff mentioned to me that the "Huet Lor" was too small.

Immediately, our Senior supervisor search for an old stainless steel bowl and converted it by spraying it red on the external.

Obeiliao told everybody of this number ,406, but everybody forget about it. Well , one staff was lucky for he has purchased and striked it. ( a few hundred ringgit extra richer for him)

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  1. hello, this is the second time i view your blog. is interesting.i am really appreciate for your praise.but by the way, what is por tor? and what does it mean by obeiliao ?he he, perhaps you can be my hokkien teacher.

    Sze Yan