Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Sunday trip

As a normal Sunday, after clearing the garden, my wife ask whether we are still going for a short trip to Hatyai. We woke up our son who is around for his semester break.
The journey is very smooth and upon reaching Kayu Hitam ,on the Malaysia side, we parked our car at the Duty free complex and just walked over to Danuk, Thailand border town. Took the local van in front of 7-eleven costing each of us RM5 for the trip to Hatyai. It was not very crowded at this time for most the tourist normally arrived at the border at around 6.00am local time. Why so early? Well, some want to be there early so as not to waste precious time. For us the local,Thailand time is almost 11.00am when boarding the van. We reached Hatyai almost 12.00 noon. We went straight to Lee Garden to buy toiletries for my younger son at Boots Pharmacy .His regular product is FCUK and recently bought one Bontanical product for him to try..
After that we went down to Basement to check whether the Japanese restaurant sold there were cheap as claim by one of my Japanese friend during my last trip with him over here. I did not follow him for lunch during that trip for my wife and I always enjoy the buffet at the restaurant on top of Lee Garden hotel.
As usual, my wife decided to go to the local coffe shop behind Lee Garden for our lunch. Well, the Thai chef cooked the Tom Yam very well. and also not to misss the Pat Si Yu, Kao Pat, Pak Pak Rom Meet. Total cost for lunch was Baht 210.
After our lunch , we proceed to the Central Supermarket situated below Noveltel
Did not but anything and we left for Hatyai central market. Upon arrival we went over to the store where we normally purchase our dry staff. ( dried grape, ikan bilis, and fish stomach. after asking her to pack, we went to the back where we normally purchase our leather bags, shoe,T Shirt and blah blah .........

We left Hatyai at around 4.00pm and upon reaching Danuk, we went into the Duty Free complex for final shopping but still did not get items from there.
Drove through the Malaysian Custom. Nothing to declare at all due to only foods stuff.
Arrived back to Penang at around 8.00pm and again stop at Teslco, along the Jelutong Express Highway. Bought the breakfast stuff for my son and finalised arrived back home at nearly 10.00pm.

Total 4 hours in Hatyai. WELL THIS IS OUR NORMAL TRIP TO THAILAND BORDER TOWN when we want to take a short break out of Malaysia.

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