Sunday, August 19, 2007

Penang Laksa ( updated 4th Sept 2007)

Ivory carnival

Hei, Obeiliao, we have decided that you will cook Laksa for our Ivory Carnival which will be held on 19th August 2007 at University Place, the first project that I and my team of competent construction staffs built along Jalan Gambier, Penang.
Turning my head I quickly answered the statement with these word, " Wait, who agreed with that, I have to check with my Chief Cook, Janet, whether she agreed to this idea. Alot of people thought that it is very easy to cook this dish.

Alot of work when you are cooking Laksa. I remembered that on one of my company function in Tanjong Park, the 1st project by Ivory Properties Group, she took off for that day just to cook for me. Not to forget all her friends who came over to help her to peel the fish meat,chopping the onion etc. Special thanks to Auntie Cheah who helped and mentored her with good advice which a mother would do.

As usual, one week before the event, at most every night, she would steam the fish and after dinner she would seperate the meat from the bone. Started to pack all the fish meat into the freezer by 12.00 midnight. As usual a little grumbling here and there. Dad, do not go into the kitchen for my son would advice me!!!. Ah Yah, better don't go into the Kitchen.

Ivory Cares

Today is the day where all of us, staffs of Ivory Properties Group put through our best effort in raising fund for Ivory Cares. The whole committee of Ivory Cares were there very early but was shocked to see that tent for the stage was blown off during yesterday heavy downpour. From information ( Phaik Har and Alex), all of them get reconstructed the stage before the guests arrived at 9.00am

By the time I arrived , everything was in order. My assignment today was to assist my wife to sell Laksa. Very fortunately my staff ,Ah Mei and my Senior Project manager and his family were there to assist us. Not to forget, my wife truth friend , Ah Tan and Noor were there to cut and chop up all the remaining ingredients which have to be done at that time. WHY? Peppermint leaves to wash before selling. If you wash it over night , it would get spoilt. Next were the cucumber. they get very watery also if chop up one day before the event and blur blur blur..........................
Well by 10.00am we make our first sale to our General Manager's wife, Yee Hun, for she has to
go home due to her child. Comments coming from public, Ho Chiak!! Male and female gave the same comments. Today, a special person turned up and I would like to introduce her to you, THE CLOWN. Behind this beautiful and cheerful mask made up was a smart girl from University Sains Malaysia student. I did not ask her for further details but then the chemistry click. My wife saw her picture and told me as I was posting her picture, she is very unique and beautiful. I told my wife that she could speak many dialects and languages even Japanese!
such a talented girl, the Cheerful Clown.

Hi, my tast bud tell me it is tasty................................................ Gau Chiak lo...........

Laksa ......................................................................................More soup please.
Tears falling. Now you know lah!!
Always agreeing to people to cook Laksa.
What happen to the cook after the carnival?
When she arrived back home, she started to wash all the cooking utensils and went straight to the hall and dooze off. Wah, lucky lah, I quicky went over to my computer and started to upload the event at my blog. Well, when she woke up around 7.00pm she came to me and ask this question,
" Any good show in Gurney? " With that surprised question, I quickly surf the net for info and told her that there is a good show and we landed in the cinema watching a Cantonese Police Show.
Smooth throughout that night. He! He!

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