Saturday, September 15, 2007

Midnight Express New At The Project Site

Where were you last night
The Heavy Downpour ( 15th September 2007)

Could not sleep but keep on worry about the surface water discharge at both projects, Moonlight bay and Island Resort. Since this afternoon the rain has not stop at all and before leaving the site, Island Resort, at 7.00pm water started to pour it way down from the top of the hill and was at the guard post discharging into the sedimentation pond. Before leaving the site my assistant construction manager and I were diverting the traffic at the entrance for there were 8 trailers and 2 mobile crane . The road was very jammed for these trailers were bringing test pile blocks , BRC and also diesel etc.

Still worrying, I asked myself, why don't I go up to the site. The time was 1.00am
Took my mobile phone and a new umbrella for the rain was still pouring down heavily outside and better wear short in case of stepping in muddy water like the last trip a few month back

As I drove pass the traffic junction at the Chee Seng Junction, I saw policemen with the patrol car flashing the siren and slowing down I was informed by the police that the road was flooded in front of us about 50 ft from where we were. I noticed that a few car pass and with confident mind, I drove the company ,Mitsubishi Storm ,through the flooded stretch. I started to be cautious from then on and upon reaching Miami beach all traffic came to a halt. In front, I could that there were two Fire Brigade trucks blocking both side of the road. getting down from my Storm I started to walked to the commotion place. As I passed the bus stop, I asked two people who were taking shelter from the rain on what was happening over there and they mentioned that trees has fallen and the firemen were chopping up the trees with the chain saw. Waited for hour an hour and the traffic started to moved again. As I passed the location where the tree has fallen, I also saw that there was slight landslide.

As I drove up to Island resort, a dog from the two bungalow started to chase and bark at me. This verify what the workers has mentioned earlier that the dog was loose during every night
Upon arriving the site, the tyre basin was filled with sand and also the temporary drain. Water could be seen rushing down to the hill slope .Luckily my staff has filled the erosion area with stone this morning. Met the night guard and he informed me that Moonlight bay was in a bad condition too. The guard post was splashed with water from the hill.

After going through the condition at Island resort, I left and drove quickly to Moonlight bay. The guard at Moonlight bay showed me where all the water was rushing down from the hill top and he and I have to temporary divert the water at the guard post. Further checking and removing some debris which clogged the water outlet, I decided to leave the site and started my slow drive back to home.

By the time I reached home, the clock on the wall showed 2.30 am and I quickly took my bath and have to washed my hair since moving around the site earlier.
In order to dry my hair,half an hour, I decided to write this blog

The following morning when I arrived at both sites, I found that the condition were slightly worse as before I left site in the night.
Well, I am wondering when the rain will stop. For this time , normally there will be sunshine and everybody will be complaining on the heat.

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