Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Project Management.

My years in the construction industry.What have I learned throughout all this years and advice given by all the Project Head or Company Head .

This topic is not that easy to write and is very subjective to the type of Projects you are working on.  The most important is how much one is being exposed due to circumstances and the confident  to apply them or given the authority opportunity to use it. No many company will give a young man this authority due to his exposure in the business world.
Anyway, let get started...

A few years back,after attending a seminar on Microsoft Project.on my own cost, I realised that whatever I have learned throughout my year in this industry might be taught to some needed  people especially studying .students from a college beside my house...
I started planning from a very young age. During one night, my mum stood beside me and asked me as to why I could not sleep. I told her that it could be due to short nap that I have taken in the afternoon. She started to ask me that since I could not sleep ,I should analyse what I have done for whole day. She asked me to go into area like what I should improve , what I have not done and should get them done the following day, .Apart from these , never to repeat any wrong thing that I have done. .etc....
All these helped me till this day to think ahead before going to bed. I really wonder whether this really gave me all the grey hair or was it hereditary.

Planning, planning.............ahead is what one should do before starting anything.
A full planning need to be drawn up, Work Break Structure (WBS), will be initiated to describe the work involved. Brain Storming of the project during a regular meetings.............etc......or during a tea session ..
In one of the seminar that I have given in my company..a class of 15 ended up to 60!! in 2 sessions.  An engineer commented on my WBS presentation, you have so many things to list out before the Commencement of a Project , after the seminar. 

A. Project Concept.

   The person who has the idea wish to proceed with to see the project get started. The Sponsor or Client
  want to be certain that the project is viable and the risk they are undertaking are cleared before continuing.
  If it is an in house project, the Project Manager and its team will take full responsible in providing the Boss
  their expertise on the pros and cons of the project. Nevertheless, the decision will rest on the Stakeholders
  if it is public listing company.

Concluded as
1. Aim of the Project
2. Background
3. Key Assumptions and Constraints
4. Cost-Benefit Analysis
5. Risk assessment.

B.  Project  Charter.

Here, a full briefing of this project will be explained to the relevant parties, Project Team comprising of
Project Manager, Architect and all Consultants involving with this project. Normally, a weekly Consultant meetings to slash out problem from Authorities down to the awarding of a reliable contractors for this project. Normally, a word of " Thank you" for their assistance in making this project successful at end of the first meeting.  Starting off on the right atmosphere on the first meeting is very important. 



  1. uncle thye, I liked this post so much because it described ah mah's character and gave me some understanding of how she thought! thanks for keeping this blog. love,

  2. Hi Nina, Good new. Eng Hun has recently visited the relative on Ah Mah side. Will update to you once I got the pictures and story from him when he returns to Penang.

  3. Hi Obeiliao, I love your post especially what your mom taught you. As a Mom mysel I am always trying to teach my kids some of life lessons. I hope like yourself they will takes these lessons to heart. I am also going to start nightly planning great idea will keep you posted with my progress. Thanks for sharing