Saturday, September 08, 2012

My Good Old Neighbor , The Barber

These  few  nights , I could not sleep well again. Again stressed up due to my work load could be  one of the main reason and or another  reason would likely be,  my hair is too long and time to visit my friendly neighbor, Gunalan.

Reaching there in less than 3 minutes, very near to present house, I decided to ask him about the photo that was his deck of  his shop. A picture of him trimming the hair of our former Penang Chief Minster, Dr. Lim Chong Eu. .  He always tell me that he trimmed a lot of Distinquish people even the present Chief Minister of Penang, Mr. Lim Guan Eng and indeed is very happy  and proud to be in this profession.
Being a neighbor for so many years , when he was trimming my hair, he would ask about the welfare of my whole family. During my last trip there, he was asking about my eldest brother and thinking that he would not close his business that early , I did not tell him that my brother was back for a few days , and was going to have our family reunion dinner straight behind his barber shop. , so as to surprise him when we were there .Unlucky indeed for he closed quite early that day .

While siting on the barber chair ,he started again his topics, where is Boon, Ho ,See and etc.
This time I would ask him ,why I did not learn Tamil language from him and instead he laughed away and said  that he managed to learn my  dialect, " Hokkien ". Well, he has to for majority of the  heads  belong to Hokkien's. Ha ,ha!  more Hokkien in this small Tanjong Bungah 's village. 

When I was studying in college, his mum would cook and give   me a bowl of Curry mutton when I returned home. So today I told him I will write something about him in my blog when I get home.  
His shop in front of a restaurant called Tsunami 

Him posting for me with a picture of Dr. Lim Chong Eu .

Gunalan ,concentrating on his work .

Below articles of him  written by a local Magazine 

A picture of him with our Ex Chief Minister of Penang .

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