Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Boracay in Philippine

Our journey started off from Penang Island straight after my wife finished her work ,rushing to the airport at around 4.15 pm and reaching KLCC by 8.00 pm. Here we waited till midnight and boarded Cebu Pacific  at 1.05 am . Well, I made a mistake during booking this flight and have to pay an extra to convert the departure date . Indeed very careless due to the last minute  booking or maybe because I was too sleepy for my flight was booked during midnight . Another incident happened when we were waiting for the connecting fly to Manila in KLCC . I spilled my cup of hot coffee and nearly soiled my wife pants. She was furious but cool down when we started to check in at  airline counter

Regardless , we finally reached Manila around 5.05am . My friend , Seck Kean was there to receive us . She,too,has also just arrived back to Manila from their short trip in Taipei , attending a friend wedding. She took us to the Remington hotel beside the airport and after showing us the layout of the casino and where the cinema was ,she left for her home.
We have to wait till around 12. 00 noon before we were allowed to check in. Early check in before 12.00 am would cost us an addition half day rate base on the normal rate. Lucky for us, the kind hotel receptionist helped us on this matter and we were allowed to check in by 10.00 am .


Boarding  Cebu Pacific . Perfect pilot who landed the plane beautifully.

Taking a short nap and by 3.00 pm, we were on our way to look around Manila. My friend 's apartment was about 10 minutes from the hotel and she took us to Mall of Asia to start our shopping. 
By the way , we were staying in Resort Hotel under the Genting Group and definitely a Casino beside , a large one . I have never gamble in a casino ,even when traveling under my company. In our room , everything was minimum ,not even drinking water . Later I found out that we have to patronize the casinos to  often to get our free mineral water. That will definitely get me addicted to gambling. I told myself , that I would be trick  it. 

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