Thursday, August 09, 2012

Pulau Redang,Trengganu,Malaysia

My wife has been requesting me to go to our local marine islands and I always decline the ideas simply because I do not have knowledge of the route of that side of Malaysia. Furthermore, I do not want to drive unless I have to. A trip to this beautiful marine island came as a surprise.

How it happened
First, was a surprised call from our eldest son telling us that he was coming home for a week holiday . Most of the time he could not get his leave approved and also  his leave was normally taken during the  Cosplay exhibition in Singapore.  And secondly ,a call too from my youngest son who has recently gone back  to work in Abu Dhabi . He called up mentioning that  he was total stressed up due to his work , non stop working , and wish to return .Well ,I asked to arrange the same period that his brother was returning .  Luckily , he could return on that date as requested. Again his transit is in Bangkok, for his food and visiting his very good friend. 

Trip to Pulau Redang
We were all very excited and has to plan in such a schedule that both have time to eat the local food before going back.  Managed to book everything thing through a local tour agent , Rm 510 per person a including our transport from Penang to the port . We found out later through some travellers that it could be cheaper. Well, last minute booking is always like that.
On that same day my youngest son arrived by flight from Bangkok , we set off. As usual ,we prearranged with the Agent to pick us all up at Penang Times Square so as to park the company car at its car park. Convenience too on our return from the marine island .

Waiting for the van at the bus stop in front of Penang Times Square..

My son, as usual at his game console once on our way. His hobby.

The van was there to pick us up earlier by 10 minutes and we were on our way.
On the way , we also pick up two extra passengers  and a co- driver who wanted to pick up his van in Trengganu. The journey as expected was quite winding as informed by my collegue who has made their trip to other Marine island beside Redang . We left Penang at 10.00 pm and finally reached a Town called Marang by 5.00 am  

Well , since it was so early , the driver was very kind to drive us to Kuala Treangganu and took us to China Town to have our breakfast . About 7.00 am , he dropped the two passengers and drove back to the Marang port . From Marang, the speed boat took us to the island in approximately 35 minutes . 

Kuala Trengganu Chinatown 

Our breakfast in the local coffee shop . Good noodle .

Waiting for the receptionist to sort us our room and including 
Briefing on our meals and on sea safety ., jelly fish and use of safety
floating vast ..

We reached by 10.00am. Almost 12 hours after leaving Penang. Once we were given the key
to the room ,we checked in and have our short nap immediately for at around 2.00pm, we will have our first snorkeling . Just to remind our readers, our price includes room,all meals and trip to the islands, including the marine park
Both boys in the water 

One of our rooms 

Lucky to have wifi here . Our rooms is quite near to the receptionist counter

The rooms

Fun in the island 

Mum (lady in red) learning to take a shot of sunrise from a China professional photographer 
which we met during this journey.


Xing Yi jumping out of the sea .

My photo shot of the sunrise

During this trip, our family met 3 ladies from China lady, a professor in music , a professional photographer and a pediatrician. Other than this, IR Dr Lim's family from Kluang, Johor who is staying in Hong Kong. Mr. Lim is  a Professor in Civil Engineering and is lecturing in Hong Kong university.

With IR Dr. Lim's family .

Mum having a farewell photo shot with the China ladies before going on our separate way

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