Saturday, April 21, 2012

What type of smart phone should I buy

Daily Questions. (updated 20/5/12)

Most of the time while having our tea break, everyone would talk about ,is Iphone better than Samsung or Blackberry and eventually they will point at me to answer all the questions related to Iphone and recently they have diverted some questions to a my friend who is using a Samsung. I have told them so many time, again and again. What Do You Want To Do With Your Smart Phone.???? .
Iphone have its own operating system and so definitely not compatible with other handheld Window and Andriod system. An answer from them , " Selfish " Apple.  I am not an expert in Iphone  but due to my sharing nature , I am always being taught by people who are more expert than me. Even an Iphone expert from Maxis, my local Telco, would called me over to his counter to share something new in the Iphone when he saw me in the Telco centre

When I bought my first Iphone, 3G , I found that it was so easy to access internet, the touch screen was so smooth and sensitive. Apart from these , I found so many Engineering apps, free and  for some I have to purchase at a reasonable price. At one time , I sat down to search the apps from Blackberry for my boss wanted  me to use a corporate unit. Well, sorry to say, I told my IT head that Blackberry does not have Engineering Apps and got the permission of not using it.The other reason was that I have to carry along two mobile phones.. I am in the construction job other than carrying my mobile phone , I still have to carry the walkie talkie and sometime drawings and other gadgets for site usage. Do you find that I am carrying too many things? At one stage, my colleague commented that my pant is dropping....  Regardless, eventually my Telco gave an offer a corporate package to those using Iphone who wanted to merge to their corporate line which I eventually took it. 

There are so many things to learn from Iphone and before I got to understand  my first unit another unit 3GS was out and until today I am still learning how to operate an Iphone 4S. Sometime I really hate it but no choice at all . Even when one of my model, 3GS broke down due to some key functions, I was totally lost and have to pass the horrible week until my local Telco gave me a free new replacement unit. Well, I got so use to Iphone that trying to use other type and to start learning all over was indeed wasting alot of my time. 

One thing bad about Iphone is I have to save some money every month in order to purchase a new model each year!!!!! Apple does not offer regular and loyal customer a special price for their loyalty!!!!! Or was it the local Telco no offering us. Apple should start the ball rolling on this matter. They have so much to give away recently and this could be one good suggestion of returning to her customer. Apple, please take not of this!!!!
Recently ,my colleague went to Japan and found that he could not send out SMS  using his Malaysia roaming card but was able to receive . He went to such an extend  as to ask me to check with our local Telco and  during that time for Japan's Apple outlet could not find a good solution to his problem. When he returned from Japan, I asked him whether the Japan's Apple counterpart has tried using a local Japanese sim card to send a SMS with his Iphone. He answered, "NO". Well,they should have tried. Whenever I traveled to Bangkok, I would let the local Telco use my Iphone or lpad to load up their sim card before taking up their offer.... This will definitely confirm my Iphone from Malaysia was working and accepting their local networks. During my trip to UK, attending my son convocation, I also encountered a problem, cannot log in to the internet with my Malaysia's Iphone 4, calling up the local Telco, O2, they asked me to configure acccordingly to the method sent to me in my email.  Using my son computer, I did as instructed and my Iphone was running perfectly.....Well done, O2,.....I do not any problem when in Paris... Lucky me.

Being in the construction industry, my Iphone is definitely exposed to heavy usage and also has to withstand the roughness of my working condition. First the dirt, secondly the sweat that I will putting it onto the screen for I sweat alot while on site inspection. At one stage, the touch screen could not scan my finger and I have to clean the screen by just using my tissue paper around.
So far the worst scenario was I dropped my Iphone while climbing up a hill slope of 45 degree.....not to forget having to run while being chased by fire fly recently in the orchard. A few bites and finally a doctor injection to ease the itchiness is very interesting......
Regardless, I am having a very tough protective shell for my recent Iphone. "Turtle ninja style"

Reading habit have eventually cost me to wear higher power spectacle and also eventually getting a Ipad 2.  Whatever apps that  I have purchased for Iphone , I could transfer to my Ipad. For me, reading from Ipad  are so much better during most my trip. I do not need to carry many story books  for my back packing trip. .including having my favorite movies and magazine. But the bad part is I am carry so many chargers. Do you ever wonder???
Example of the type of chargers : Camera, Iphone, Ipad, adaptor, headphone, small external speaker and sometime an extra mobile phone for local sim card.

My Iphone has only 16GB capacity. I could save for upgrading, buying a new Iphone yearly or in future, due to advancement of the New Chipsets .... like computer for every 3 years!!!! By the way, it would be good that  future Iphone having dual sim cards...... for travellers. Roaming chargers are so expensive and due to company commitment, I do not off my local line and on it for oversea roaming, but OFF my Data Roaming.

Before I stop this article, Iphone battery do not last long. If you ever walk into a Apple store, they will tell you many things and the most common which I normal told my friend or guided them hand on with their unit.

How to save battery power
1. Off the wifi when not in use
2. Off the bluetooth too.
3. Off Apps notifications for those that you are not using. set them to Manually
4. Bring the brightness down to 50% and set auto brightness : ON.
5  When you have off your Hotspot, Please return to Setting to off your Wifi and Bluetooth after using it. Normally Apple store do not tell their customer on this matter. When you on the hotspot, Wifi and Bluetooth are automatically turn On
6. Finally examine yourself. Fully charge your Iphone before going to bed. Unplug your Iphone at 100% battery and leave overnight till morning and check the following morning how many person left. For me, I managed to save almost 80%. If you find that it has dropped to a very low level then you examine all the apps that you have in it .
7. Always turn off and reboot your Iphone once a week. Iphone is like a computer and doing it will help 
8. Last, off the apps by pressing the Home button twice and delete all apps that were running in the back ground.
9. Whatever I have missed, Just Do It , to save the battery.

Hope that the above will help each one of you who are using an Iphone or smart phone. My friend who is using a Samsung S2  recently told me that the battery for his unit drain off so fast.  I told him that he is using a Smart phone . Go back to the old convectional  unit and that battery will last  for a week!!!! Hee Hee, no Email, internet bl.......and even no camera. cost only , Rm 120....
Do you realise that whenever there was launching  for a new smart phone, new Rechargeable battery were also on display.!!!!! Got 

I could hear one off my staff jokingly calling  out loudly at the end of the office, ask Steve Kang, over there..!!!!!!!!!!!Wow , since when I have adopted a name Steve!!. Mine as always should be , "Obeiliao"

Finally I would opt for Iphone and Samsung .Choose smartly !!!!


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