Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Obeiliao and Papaya's travel

Why do I make this trip?

My son has to show the way and everything must be planned by him
from booking of air flight to checking in and then le
ading the way in Thailand, China, Hong Kong with his "TO DO LIST"............

In this trip, I have found out that he has been awarded the gold medal for using the Toilet!!. Why this? Ask his friends, hee! heee !!!!!

Top down: 1. The bus which we paid in Shenzhen and boarded in Hong Kong border to Jordan station. 2. The travel insurance which we bought in Penang (10 days trip) for the whole trip. 3. The Airport Express ticket which we bought in Kowloon Station on the last day.

Medicine that we packed along
1. Panadol
2. Vitamin C
3. Pagoda medicine for diarrhea or stomach upset.
4. Flu tablet.

Traveling in Hong Kong

24/09/09 to 26/09/09

Finally at the Hong Kong airport waiting for our plane to take back us to Malaysia. Papaya bought some magazine to read and pass the time when on board the plane. Slight delay but we finally reached Subang Jaya's house by 3.00am.
Home Sweet Home.

Last day, waiting for the shuttle bus in the hotel lobby to take us to Kowloon Station where we will board the MTR for Airport.

Hotel that we stay for 2 nights ,small ,but well equip for a hotel. I have constructed hotels and the room is well equipped except for the size.

Traveling in Shenzhen, China
22/09/09 to 24/09/09

At the Hong Kong border, waiting for the bus to take us to Jordan Station, the nearest to Yau Ma Tei station, at Platform 19 ( as instructed by the bus company at Shenzhen side.We paid HK 40 per person at Shenzhen before walking through the immigration. I was informed to take off my cap so that they could take a photo before approaching the Hong Kong immigration counter. that really speed up the process.

Watching the TV, so many channels , 99?

Having Lunch in Lao Jie

Traveling In Bangkok

Both of us in the airport(Thailand) waiting for the flight
to Shenzhen 22/09/09, 1850hour

Checking in for the flight to Shenzhen at Bangkok airport.

last bite before leaving for the airport

On 20/09/09 , the skytrain heading for Chatuchak and back in the hotel tired and worn out!!!

In the Skytrain leaving for Silom on 19/09/09

Papaya going through the immigration at Thailand airport

Arriving in Bangkok, Thailand.
Obeiliao and Papaya

Waiting for plane in LCCT, Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia

Picture taken by a passenger boarding for Jakarta

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    Yes,your son must do all what you want and if he'll do i could say that your son is so caring.