Monday, October 13, 2008

Xing Yi's Graduation

Two months ago

It is very heavy, 10kg cup yoh!!

Regardless son, you should always be humble.

The Graduation Ceremony

We took a bus to KL straight after work and returned the following day after the ceremony. Lucky for us , on the way back, we managed to get two tickets for the 7.00pm bus . Amelia called asking whether we are ok? Well, thank for the concern for we were already on the way out of KL. I recalled in Rawang.

Other than the ceremony, the most important thing was to meet up with the parents of Xing Yi's friends. During their training in Penang, we only heard their parent voice on the other side of the line but not this time for we finally saw them and personally thanked them for taking care of him when in their home for holiday.

Receiving his diploma and posting with his very closed and best friends

The girl that never show her pretty legs and the very popular and handsome (KFC )boy.

Be humble in your life

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