Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Bucket List

I just completed watching this movie and love the song,"Say" sang by John Mayer. The words , ""Say what you need to say"" keep on going through my mind for a specific reason.
Many years back when I was back in Penang, I recalled what my Dad asked my mum when she fell sick.These were the words spoken beside her bed:
What worries do you still have in your mind. There are nothing for you to worry but to let go off all the things in this world. We were born and evenly have to go from here.
Well, after that he started to go through the list ( from his mind) that was everyone in the family, starting from the eldest daugther down to me, the youngest and with these final words, They have all grown up and can take good care of themselves.

When mum passed away, I remembered my eldest sister calling me over to where mum was placed to witness the SMILING FACE OF MUM.

Can we plan our Bucket List now? Well, why not so that we do not regret later on. Maybe it is too young for me to think of it but then I really do think of this when I cannot sleep in the night!!!!

First in my Buckist List , Cherish the happy moments with your loved one,friends and all those that go through your life.

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