Saturday, October 04, 2008

Where are we when in Hong Kong

Day One in Hong Kong

Hong Kong's MTR

Area around Dorsett Seaview Hotel
Note: very convenient staying in this Hotel

Octopus ticket/Tung Chung
After leaving our luggage, and a quick bath we traveled to

a place called Tung Chung. According to my son this place has the most shopping outlets in Hong Kong and the summer could be on. After going through the outlets he only bought some T shirts from Esprit and we left.

The journey took us approximately 2 hours from my friend apartment in Shenzhen to the hotel ,Dorsett Seaview. When we reached The Jordan station, we purchased the MTR's octopus ticket as recommended by my son.

Papaya paying at the counter. Got some T shirts for himself and his mum at Tung Chung

On the way back we dropped by the Ladies Market in Mongkok and started our window shopping and took our first dinner, Wan Ton noodle, as recommended by bakery girl. Well, very tasty and the price is not expensive. We cam
e back here the next day and found that there were many food stalls along Soy Street. Lucky to find the latest Playstation 3 game, Star war ( the unleashed) for Papaya's brother and reached our hotel around 9.00pm.Slight drizzling and Papaya decided not to go out . As for me, I went out into the night Temple street night market beside the hotel and get myself orientated of where I was during my last company trip and at the same time looked around for food stall so that we can take our breakfast the following morning.

Day 2
Tsim Sha Tsui

Took our breakfast at a local food stall "Let Eat Together". Papaya took only rice porridge due his diarrhea and as for me the Noodle soup.
We went back to hotel to remove our bowel and left for Avenue of Stars and Harbour city shopping complex which was located along the Walk. The things here are very expensive . We left and went over to Central
Station, located in the MTR, Island Line in Hong Kong Island.

On the way to Avenue of Stars, we pass through this shopping complex and Xing Yi took a picture with this heritage car.

Avenue of Stars

Here I am in Hong Kong

North point ...................Wan chai.
What went wrong................... why no shopping.............
Tram up the peak...............
Xing Yi asking direction ...............met his net friend ,,,,,,,,,, in Hong Kong island. Diarrhea!!! what lah again. the tram and met some
remarkable people in the wax museum .
The long journey in the hong KOng airport lead by him .

to be cont..................................

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