Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Day 2 in Hong Kong (Part 4)

Times Square in Hong Kong

XY: We are finally in Times Square. One question that I would like to ask you
Obeiliao: Go ahead.
XY: Do you realise that every country has got one Times Square?
Obeiliao: Yes. Why this question?
XY: Why Malaysia has got 2???
Obeiliao: Well, let me check. I really ""ïm chye""(Hokkien dialect : Do not know)
but let me check. True, lah which ONE is genuine???
Obeiliao: Tao Hin Loh (hokkien dialect: Headache) Tough question. I still have to check first!!
XY: See! see! A gold medallist question, Hee! Hee!

Sight seeing

we must enter this Tram first !!! ............Once inside .Why?? XY asking for help at Tourist Info Counter

Let go here and than here, lah. You see we can take Tram here. Son, move aside lah, the Tram is coming

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