Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Life In Thailand

Chatcuchak Market
Where Do I Stay when in Bangkok
(Ratchadapesik Road)

When I arrived at the Penang Times Square site today, my college engineer Mr. Saw and Augustine told me of the good new that was our boss has reshuffled their itinerary on the June trip to Bangkok. There will be a trip to Chatcuchak Market (open only on weekend). Well, it will be good trip for those on it. A place for shopping from Clothing to Animals, everthing is there, and one should not miss it. Not to forget, my very favourite place during every Sunday where I could find good secondhand English books and a week old magazine like Newsweek and Time. Ah ha!, my wife favourite place to shop for very cheap and good quality children panties (for her eldest sister 7 daughter, hee! hee!)Chatcuchat is now so easily reach by taking a Skytrain to Mo Chit station. My youngest son always mentioned this favourite word, Mummy ko beh teh ko(English word meaning, mum went again to buy underwears)

Where do I stayed when I was working in Bangkok. During my first day, I was sent to a place along Phra Ram 9 and for that I have to wake up very early in order to reach my office on time for the traffic started to jam after 7.30am ,the rush hour for every people going to work. On the first day after my work, I went straight to Sukhumvit road and search for a English book shop called Asia Book for I need to get myself orientated( I was here during my earlier days ( 1980) on my trip to Iran. I found this book shop and from there I took a Tut Tuk, a carriage on 3 wheels (Thai people called it " Sum Low")to Rex Hotel. This hotel was patronised by most Jurong Engineering staffs during their transit to Arabic countries. I was staying here when I went to the Iranian Embassy, situated along Wireless Road, to get my Iranian visa for the first time.
By the time I found my orientation, I started to realise that it was almost 9.00pm. I flagged a Tut Tuk and told the driver to take me to a place called Mona Lisa, a place very famous for Thai Massage. I have no choice but to mention it to him this place because my apartment was a few blocks behind this building and I forget to get name of this apartment from my roommate. During the journey, the driver tried communicating with me in English. Well the conversation between me and the driver was liked a chicken and duck case. The driver telling me that it was expensive and there were cheaper places to go than there. My answer to him was I was going back to my apartment beside there to sleep. but he got a shock that I was going to sleep at the massage parlour. My broken Thai and his broken English. We reached there and when he was about to turned into Mona Lisa, I asked him to turned into the Soi (Thai word meaning lane) beside it and he turned his head in surprise and realised that I was only using Mona Lisa as a landmark to direct him to my apartment. He and I started to laugh loudly. Both of us are "Siau Lang" (craze people)

The following day, after assessing the project, I realised that I have to shift out from this apartment and to be near my work place and the best was to stay in the same apartment as my cousin. My boss mentioned that I should not worry staying at the present apartment for he has arranged for me to have a car . I sat down and explained to him that that this project of his needed full attention and I would have to stay near by and be accessible to it. He agreed and finally got me a room in an apartment called Deluxe Apartment at Soi Ratchadapesik 3 just behind The Embassy of China.

To some people, it was a bad choice shifting out to Deluxe Apartment for it does not have the facilities like the one I was staying during my first few days in the Bangkok. Well my judgement was right for as time passed I have to work even until 3.00 to 4.00am with the rest of the China Engineers and Architect. I stayed in this apartment until the end of the project. Apart from this, I normally window shop arround The Fortune Tower. Here you can find the former Yaohan Supermarket, present called Lotus. During one of my trip back there, the hawkers along the SOI were so happy to meet me again.
My project, the present Telecom Tower, was situated at Rachadapesik Road just opposite the Chinese Embassy and was very near to Grande Mercure Fortune Hotel.

My Thai language

To start off, all the Thai words that I learned were mostly vulgar as they were taught by the construction workers. I do not know of these until my adopted Thai /Chinese(Hainam) sister, Buay, told me. She started to correct all the words that I have learned and censoring them without further questioning. As usual I started to mix with her family and some of University friends at APAC unversity.Her Grandpa,Granny, mum and the rest of the family helped me alot for they cannot speak in English and directly I have to grap the meaning of the words immediately. Only my wife could understand a bit whenever they speak to her in Hainam dialect. Until today, whenever I am in Thailand or meet any Thai people in Malaysia, I would practise my Thai with them. One of my Ivory staff is Mr. Thalwin, a Malaysian who stays near to the Thai border. At time when I knew that people was scolding me in Thai language, I have to pretend that I do not under whatever were mentioned, smile and turn a deaf ear walk away to avoid confrontation.
I cannot write in Thai for I realised that it is very tough. Normally, Buay would help my whole family to buy whatever things in Thailand.The best place to buy things was definitely in Supermarket where the prizes were fixed. The cheapest are along the road, "Thannon" or "Soi" where the Thai people leave

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