Saturday, May 12, 2007

Khun Thai's Friends

With my Project Manager and Project Director

Khun Thai Friends
(My Thai friends)

Every countries that I went, I met good and sincere friends. Singapore's friends that recommended me to go for oversea job ( one could earn extra income when working in oversea jobs) Mr Chai Kum Fook, a Heartly thank to you and your family for taking me in as your close family friend and especially for the recommendation to work in Iran and so fo....
Mr Siemian ( Agar Siemian: Farsi language) , your help when I was there in Iran. I will also mention in this blog of mine for the rest of friends that have in one way or another helping me in everything I have done. Before I go further, we will talk about my Khun Thai ( Thai Ko Lan) friend

The staffs (part) involved with the Project.

Left to Right ( Mr. Teh, Khun Sakun,Khun Pon,Khun Buay, Khun Mahidol, Khun Mam,Khun
Lixin,Khun Vitaya and Khun Chen.)

Khun Prasat. A Thai and Chinese mixed blood. Very hardworking supervisor and always
being jealous by most Thai staff for he always carry my company Mobile handphone
when at site. Very convenient for him to order concrete whenever he needed it
on top of the building.
Khun Mahidol. Our company driver. He knows most of the area in Bangkok and other parts of Thailand for he has been working in a transporter company
Khun Mam. Our housekeeper . Still working with the present company. as a clerk during my last visit to Bangkok on 2005
Khun Porn. Our storekeeper. She is at present in US. A storekeeper who taught me how to use the bike transport when in Bangkok. Can you imagine how all of sat on the bike.( the rider,she and me?Hee hee!!)
Mr. Wen Lixin. China Architect and is the presently attached to an Australian Architect Firm
having it base in China
Mr Chen Yao Hui. An engineer from China and is presently attached to Consultant Company in Bangkok
Khun Buay. A secretary and is presently attached with UN in Bangkok.
Khun Vitaya. A foreman in the construction site.

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