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Kuantan Trip (updated 2/07/07

Jimmy with her parent

All of us

Club Med Cherating. Kuantan. Malaysia (1st May 2007)
Where is Club Med? Why there? Well, my son who is studying in Taylor is having his training

there? Most of the time, we will hear these words from him, Dad, wa che hoay cha (English: I am on the train )to go back to the camp. when I reached there the line will be off. Club Med is so big ? I told my wife Club Med has a railway track for taking their guess to some where, maybe to the beach. Ah neh tua? ( SO BIG?) If only we could get a free 2 nights stay there before he leave the training, we could mention more in my blog. Definately, Dad and Mum, it is a SUPERB RESORT as commented by my son over the phone.
Two weeks ago we decided to take a trip to Club Med for my wife has a short holiday and I too have a stretch of holiday to take my trip to Singapore. So on Friday, my Senior Project Manager: Mr Tan ,M & E Manager: Jayson Teoh , Project Architect: Mr Ch'ng and I told a trip to KL for checking and witnessing the Building Automation System (BMS) at KLCC. The following day we went to a shopping complex in Bangsar to study the new District Cooling System (DCS) and after completing the visit, we checked out from the Prince hotel and I took a bus down to Singapore. Arrived Singapore at 10.30pm and took the MRT to my nephew's house at Tiong Bharu.


The following day took a MRT to Simei and delivered something to a closed friend and also to David's house who unfortunately was not in but in Phillipine. Well passed some cake to his wife and left. Called Ah Keat and met at Bedok MRT interchange . Check with him on his job application and have breakfast with him .He looked tired. Left him and took a trip to Sim Lim plaza to search my Handphone. Siemens M75. Found it and but bought it on the next day. After completed the search , I took an MRT to Commonwealth MRT station and walked over to my niece house . Chic Chat with her for an hour and return to Orchard MRT station to meet my sister who was teaching in Singapore. My nephew, Eng Hun and family also met us there and all of us took our dinner in Orchard road. I took some snap of the destinaton where I used to sit when I was working back then in 1979.

Here we come, "CLUB MED"

Club Med Entrance in Kuantan
On Monday, I went over to Maybank and clear my transaction and after logging in , I left for Johore Bharu 's bus terminal for my trip back to KL to meet my wife who has travel to KL during the last 2 days. Once I met her, she told me that instead of 3 of us going to Kuantan to visit my son, 4 extra relative were also going for the trip. Well, I have to change from a small car , MYVI to Unser ( borrowed from my brother in law) to accomodate all of them .

Kuantan Trip

From Selayang, KL, to Kuantan town took us 4 hours and from Kuantan to Club Med, it took and extra 45 minutes. When we finally arrived, my son ,Xing Yi, was still in his room and yet to leave. Well searching for my son was quite difficult and he did not mention where to look for him . Even when reaching the staff camp, nobody knows him but we found out that his nicked name is "Papaya". Why? could he be eating alot of papaya in Taylor that ended up with this Nicked name? I wondered. Once entering the van, everybody started to ask him why Papaya. As far as I know my son, he is always search for unique name. I can remember during the Chinese New Trip to Koh Lipe ( Earlier blog), we met a Thai Super model called Pancake. and he was very luckyto have a picture taken with her.

Very Lucky!

In Malaysia, Papaya is one of the unique and the least expensive fruit. Other than that we always eat it when we have constipation. For medical value. the seed inside is very good for people having "pile" problem and the leaf is normally use to tanalise the meat ( if I can recalled what my son told me ). will post a picture later.

Kemaman, Trengganu

cont later.............................................where are the good food? son

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