Sunday, May 06, 2007

Getting Married

My Wedding Photo
East AsiaTour and at the traditional wedding ceremony
in Ayer Tawar.

International proposal

Each time I left for Iran, in 1980, I would always remember the song, I Am Leaving On The Jet Plane, for I have always tell my wife to wait for me. The main reason was that I have to ensure that I have a secured and stable career before getting marry.
When alone I would always think of how to propose to her. Roses in the hand ,Give her a candle light dinner and whatever method I could get hold off. How How How!!!
It came as a surprised one day when I was about to leave Iran for my R & R , I called her on an international line to inform her of my arrival time in Singapore. Before I could speak further she informed me that my Grandmother who was in China has passed away and my parent wanted me to follow the traditional method that was "Either I Get marry within 3 months ( starting from Grandmother death date)or after 3 years".Chinese Tradition,Tradition . The main reason was my Grandmother always take care of me when I was a small boy when she was here in Penang. She would always feed me when she was seated on the "Bak Lay" (a raised platform) eating her meals. Well, I am the youngest and the pampered one, Ha! Ha!
Immediately after my wife has spoken ,I proposed to her asking whether she want to marry me and she answer YES.
That was my International Proposal. I asked her to inform my parent back in Penang and at the same time I asked her to book her earliest flight to Bangkok. She arrived 3 hours after I have landed . We went to Pattaya for our short honeymoon and had our first memorable pizza at Pizza Hut in Pattaya. When arrived back to Singapore, we went to the photo studio to have my wedding photo taken and just for information I have to stand on a Bang Koo, ( Bench in Hokkien)to look a bit taller in the picture. Well she is taller than me by 1 inch!! Hee Heee........... After the photo shot, we went over to my Elder Brother house and enjoyed our dinner cooked by my sister in law. Not to forget the present given by both of them. The following day we went back to Penang and upon arrival my parent gave us some money and asked me to go to town and buy rings for ourselves. We did not celebrate in Penang for my parent wanted all of us to respect my Granny. Two days later, my dad told us that on the day I flew out of Penang, he will publish in the Chinese Newspaper that we were married. After we left Penang for Singapore, some of the local folks called my dad asking why we did not celebrate and the reason he gave them was that I was very busy and the most important reason was our respect for My Grandmother who has passed away in China.
I would say that I saved a lot over my wedding and by the next R & R trip back,I went over to my wife home town and have a closed family wedding ceremony and a few tables for the dinner.
We went for our honeymoon,21days East Asia tour,Japan,Korea,Hong Kong and Taiwan after I retreated permanently from Singapore When we were in Hong Kong, we visited my sister in law's sister ( oop forget her name )while staying at Holiday Inn.

In this post, I would like to mention that one of my closest friend, Miss Ng Ah Moi (RIP), whom I got to know during my college day has passed away .She was one of my witnesses during my marriage, registration in the year January 1981 in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
(edited on 13 May 2007)

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