Saturday, May 26, 2007

Fish cracker of Cukai,Terengganu

Fish Cracker (Keropok Lekur)

Sorry for the delay. Recently very tired due to two new Projects, Moonlight Bay and Island Resort. Trying to understand better the earthwork drawings and also all the feasibility of hill slope construction. Start carrying further research on type of walls to be used in these project and to avoid repeatitive problems, I have to read a book called Landslides in Practice ( Investigation, Analysis and Remedial/Preventative Options in Soil. Well,if there are any thing topics that I do not understand than I have to ask our appointed Geotechnical Expert/Consultant.

Back to Cherating.

After picking up my son, we left Cherating Club Med and took a right turn and drove to Kemaman. Along the way as we approached the town called Cukai, we saw alot of store selling the Fish Cracker. Everybody in the van started to get excited and we decided to stop the following day and see what was so famous of this food called "Keropok Lekur" ( Malaysian language for Fish Cracker.

The process of making the Fish Cracker ( Keropok Lekur)

All this while, fish crackers are one my favourite tidbit. I would have a packet without fail when driving my family to any destination during the our trip. How are they made has been a question all this while. Looking at how they were made clear my doubt .Somebody whispered to me, Uncle, please do not "Lau Nuar" (drop your saliva!!. I quickly turned and to avoid embarrassment started talking to my wife on the other types of cracker, the Dry Fish cracker. There were many type of cracker. the common fish cracker and next the prawn cracker and finally the cuttle cracker in the individual bags. Everybody started to buy some to take home.

Once we were all in the van, we started to eat the cracker and all the comments on how good it taste started to prevail, " Chin Na Ho Chiak", " Beh Pai Chiak" and finally I told them not to finish it for I have only taken a very little. My son asked me not to worry for on our way back we could buy more.

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