Monday, May 02, 2011

Project Management

Recently after being encouraged by my Boss and HR Manager to give a career talk to the students of one of the local University, USM ( University Sains Malaysia), I started to think of myself of whether I should be going back for further studies.. As one of my ex staff, Ir Heng, mentioned to me over the phone, " You have been practicing it practically and why not give it a try to study the academically way and finally weighting the two. You might be worry of the examination but take it as challenge. Fail or pass will not be important but you will gain the knowledge of management and be able to teach to future students".

So sitting down , I started to ask myself, What are the Good Habit of a good Project Manager.?
1. Can be counted on to follow through.
2. Take care of the teams
3. Always mentoring and teaching them
4. Being sociable
5. Are respectful and polite.
6. Remain even tempered , understanding and sympathetic
7. Can follow instructions and processes
8. Stay positive
9. Understand and manage costs
10. Are willing to speak the truth
11. Dress and act appropriately too.

12. Honest in all dealings
13. Accept Change..
14. Sharing of past experiences.

Looking at the above points, where do I stand ?? continue .............

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  1. Mr. Kang. How to be a Project Manager? What is the job scope?

    Fr. Tan