Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Being a "Daddy"

Daddy, Daddy.....

The thought of getting married came with a proposal through an International call to my wife as I was preparing to travel back to Penang for R & R from Iran. During that short conversation, my wife agreed and we decided to meet in Bangkok and have our short honeymoon in Pattaya. 3 years later, returning to work in Penang, we decided to have our own children.

The arrival of my two children

On that fine morning, I went to work as usual to Hotel Equatorial. Before leaving,my wife told me to be prepared for there was some slight discharge and I asked her whether I should send her to the hospital and she calmly answered, no. Bring a clean T shirt with you, in case I am giving birth today. When I was at site,I was went to work as usual and did not get excited until my colleague told me that my wife called and informed me that she was on the way to the hospital. Well, when reaching the hospital car park, I change into a neat T shirt and rush to the delivery ward. I asked for my wife and a nurse came through the delivery room and just look at me. She told me that my wife gave birth to a baby boy. I asked her how she knew that I was the father. She smiled and said, "Your baby has your nose" . Is that so I asked and she smiled and said wait till you see him. She helped me put on the hospital robe and took me in. True enough, the baby boy has that typical feature.
My second son too has a typical resemblance, a mole in the ear like mine.

Being a father..my memory.

I have to sleep in a separate room for the nanny will sleep with my wife and take care of my child so that my wife could have a good rest. She even cooked for all of us. Oh, how excited I would be to reach home early each day to look at my son and not to miss the delicious food that my wife left for me to eat. During confinement, all wife will have special meal cooked by the nanny. Very delicious especially the fried chicken with Sesame oil and the most important, the Red wine "Mee Suai" Hock Chew noodle. My first lesson as a father was to learn to fold the napkin, "Lampin". Each night , I would carry out this chorus for the nanny would be very busy preparing for my wife to bed also bring the hot water and milk, etc . I was given a chance to change the napkin for my son 2 weeks later. Oop, the smell of urine and sometime shit on it. Being a father, this work came in automatically.. After the nanny has left us, my wife and me has to start to adjust to my son crying each night when he was hungry. From many friends advice, we started to adjust the last feed before we went to bed ( normally 11.00 pm and the next at 6.00 am. Well, we gave him water to drink in between and slowly he got use to it and only woke up to have his full milk meal at 6.00pm. My wife and I started to adjust our working hours and normally, I would pick up my son from our neighbor and let him sleep as early as 9.00pm. How to make a child go to sleep?. I have always heard that some children would not sleep and create so much hustle . Very fortunately, my first son was so easy. I would laid him on the bed beside me and just patted him . Automatically, he would go to bed.
The next thing was clearing of all breakable items in the house and also building a small gate at the bottom of the staircase to prevent him from crawling up the stair.Even then, he managed to break some of my favorite wood carving from Bali, Indonesia accidentally. He was very active. For the milk, if the instruction stated on the milk container was 4 ounce of water to 4 scoop of milk, we would reduce the milk to 3 ounce instead. Why this, well, we are leaving in the tropic so the weather might increase increase the warmest in the baby. It worked well .

With the arrival of my second son, I started to sleep with my eldest son for the nanny has to take care of my wife again. During this period , I created a closeness with my eldest son. Again, I was given the delicious confinement food that the nanny would cook for my wife....miss them so much....

to continue.................how to make both my sons sleep?????until my wife return from work...

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