Tuesday, March 15, 2011

At 55

Being a blogger, 4 years later

Today, I am 55 years old. Young at heart but various illness system seems to set in.
Going back to my younger days, these few incidents left marks on me:.
1. A deep cut on my left leg. My dad took me to the Penang's General Hospital and got it stitched up
2. Bitten by a snake while playing in the river inside our fruit plantation.
3. Fell down from a tree due to my carelessness. I was trying to do a fireman rope that could pull myself up a tree but half way up I forgot to hold tightly onto the main rope and eventually I dropped to the ground. Suffered internal injury but was saved by a very sincere staff of my dad.
4. Walking through a glass panel while staying in Hotel Equatorial, KL. Ending up 9 stitches.

The worse of the 4 was falling down from the tree. Until today, I still have some regular muscle ache and to over come this issue, I am learning to walk on a piece of bamboo as recommended by an old operator from Low Theons & Sons. He was working with us in one of our project, University Place. I would said that it was some kind of reflexology and made me sweat after stepping on it for 10 minutes
Thinking of what my staff have done on this great day, I decided to treat the staffs from Moonlight Bay and Island Resort to a simple lunch. At the meantime thanking them on the effort that they have given to me and my company in accomplishing the Moonlight Bay's project and also the on going Island Resort.

Mr Beh and I sharing our birthday together , I, 55 and him 65. so coincidentally both of us March 15

Moonlight Bay's Staffs

Well, a cake presented by the staff. I thanked the staff and a simple speech for them.
" I would like to thank everyone of you who are presented here today and also the rest who are not presented here but directly or indirectly helping to finish all the projects for the last 40 years. Apart from this, we have to work hard together to finish this present project. Keep up with the good work and always work as a team."

As quoted by one of their wishes to me , "A better increment for the following year".
I told them that I would forward their wishes to my Senior Head and also our Boss.

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