Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Food Gallery in Penang Times Square

Delicious Food

So many stores of International choice and but could only purchase a meal from one particular store tonight. Even within one store has so many varieties . Well , my wife ordered her favorite "Fish noodle" wherelse I ordered and tried the noodle with mushroom and pork . Saw my colleague , Mr Beh ordering this meal last week and now is my turn . Well, very delicious and even more with the "sambal belacan".
As usual ,I started my bad habit of tasting other people food and this time was my wife meal, so delicious too.
After finishing out dinner we quickly went over to the outlets below . My wife said that she would return to go through shopping at the new outlets since we were in a rush to go home.

Picture of the store that we have order our meals tonight.

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