Saturday, August 06, 2011

Trying to be a speaker .

Obeiliao, the speaker.
The topic " Why Career in Construction"

I have given several speeches to student before but during last Friday , it was a real challenge. In fact , nothing great or frightening at all except that I was giving that speech in front of other company speakers. It was in this auditorium that many companies set up their individual booths too.

Every speakers were given a short duration to present their topica but I was in fact very daring to request a duration of 2 hours......... and also specifying that mine should be after lunch break. It was possible due to their department head and lecturers support.

At 12.45pm , my mind told me that I should start attracting the students attention and whoever were in the hall so I started of using pictures of how Safety were taken for granted in our daily life and also in our construction industry. By 1.05 pm. all the building science students were already seated and most of them were laughing on the pictures that I have projected from my Ipad 2.....the very first time presenting without the laptop..... Very happy for me because those additional gadgets that I have purchased for making presentation really work well. Hmm... could be better if using HDMI cord..... Always thinking that I should try my best and speak like """Steve Job"" haa... haaa....This Ipad was given to me by my wife after watching Steve Job presentation >>>>!!!!!! True....

The pictures project on the screen could have been better if I was using power point or keynote. I was so busy with the site work that I could only present it by "pdf" Well, lucky for me, it ended up well. By the way , I did not stand on stage but with the same level as the student who were seated. The main reason was I could not point with the pointer if I was on stage. Well, nevertheless I noticed that some started to doze but I did received some respond of questions from the floor when going through the slides.

After completed that speech, I received the following feed back from the audiences..
1. Mr. Kang, "I finally understand what my younger brother was doing in the construction industries"
2. Another , "Well, I finally understand what is hill slope development."
3. " You are telling the students to be humble etc and the final slide was utmost important
to them ....Quote by a Senior Vice President of Citibank: "I am still fresh on the road, no different from any of you all and I need to be very hardworking to be successful in my life."
4. Another Quote from Mother Theresa: "The miracle is not that we do this work, but we are happy to do it"
5. last was from the lecturer, "Be Humble"
By the end of the speech, the students were informed that two of their senior made this presentation possible when they were undergoing their training with us. They were present during the Career Talk held in USM (Universiti Sains Malaysia ) Penang on March 5, 2011.
My final thanks to my boss and department head for allowing me to present that speech .

What have I learned from Public Speaking???

1. Enhanced Personal and Social Abilities
2.Improved Academic and Career Skills
3.Improved Public Speaking Abilities

Preparing a Public Speech>

1. Select your topic and purpose
2.Analyze your audience
3. Research your topic
4. Develop your write up
5. Support your main points
6. Organise your speech materials.
7. Simple terms in the speech
8. Have Introduction, Conclusion and Transitions.
9. Rehearse your speech
10. Deliver your Speech.

The most important of all is to brain storm the overall write up ......opinion from different angles are of utmost important.

What else???? Getting to know more my IPAD 2.......

I hope that I have given enough advice through the presentation to all the students...
on the Life in the Construction Industries

Forget to take some pictures ...maybe could get them from the lecturers,

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