Sunday, September 05, 2010

Yoon's family

Our few days with Yoon's family in Manchester.

A few days before leaving for Manchester, my son called me urgently informing me that the date of checking out from his dorm is not 30 July but on the 24/7/2010.
I recalled that he asked whether I have asked Auntie Yoon for permission to stay in her house on our last 5 days before our flight in 28 July. Well, I told my son not to worry for Yoon's father has informed me that she has called from UK and has personally invited us to stay in her house when over there.
Anyway, I asked XY whether Yoon's house is far from his dorm and he asked me for her address. When I was in UK , XY informed me that Yoon's house is situated at the other side of town. You can find it easily in Google map. Oh, so convenient.
I will stay with you in your dorm until the 23rd July or earlier..

Life is very tough for us but we managed to be successful.

Xing Yi told me that their children are very lucky to have such good parent while we were waiting for the bus to take us to the city.

Both treating us in a Chinese restaurant on the last night in Manchester

With both of her sons in their IT room

The Youngest son . The Cutie and very smart kid
. Xing Yi beaten by her son at the airport

Yoon with XY during our trip in Chester

Yoon and husband checking the layout of Chester wall and Xing Yi

In Manchester
On the 23rd July, Yoon 's brother came over and took XY and me over to her house including the bags which we have vacuumed and packed a night earlier. After leaving the bags over there, we took a bus back to the city to meet Eli and family for Dinner. After dinner, XY and Eli has to return to their dorm and stay there for their final night with Janet for they have to handover the key to the caretaker on the morning of 24th July . XY commented that Yoon's house is nearer to the city as compare to his dorm.

Yoon's house

Yoon and husband in Penang

I could not recall where and what she was doing for I was travelling away from Penang for my career. But the image of her is always in my mind for she and family was our direct neighbor. As what Yoon's has told me in her house in Manchester, when I was small, I would drop by your father grocery shop and talk to your mum and also to sit on the rice bags .Very sad to say, I met Yoon with her husband only during her mother wake in Penang.

In Penang with her humble husband

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