Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Many types of Iranian foods

All these were normally served during a meal
( In Persian language,Farsi, is given by my friend :Maral Mayeh.
All types of Salad

All types of Pickles

Mixed Vegetables

Olive ( In Farsi : Zeytun)

Salted cucumber
(In Farsi:Khuyar Shur)

The Olive is mixed with Nuts and Pomegranate Sauce,
Garlic and herbs..........Yummyy

Butter is compulsory

Butter to stir into the rice

Alcarte Dish

Rice with lamb shank

Yogurt Drink


Yoghurt (in Farsi: Maast)
All types of Bread

In Farsi: Lavaash Naan

In Farsi : Sangak Naan

Types of rice

Plain rice

Rice with vegetables

Types of Kebab




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