Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Returning to country 30 year later.

Visiting back the country I ever worked in Middle East, Iran

So much development and the highways are superb

The journey took us almost 12 hours , leaving Penang approximately 15.20 pm and arriving the final destination around 3.30am in the early morning. Food served in the Boeing 777-300 was fantastic but the best was during the final journey where I have the best lamb in the aircraft before my arrival in that country.

Emirate landed Dubai on time and before this trip , my son Xing Yi asked me to check and compared any different between Etihad and Emirate airline. Well, since my seat has been reserved during booking time, I was quite lucky to sit along the aisle but unfortunately there was no power point for me to charge my computer. Hence, I did not use my laptop. There was also a USB outlet that my Iphone could use but I did not try it. Maybe on the way back, I would like to try it. Good new on this trip was that I could sleep most of the time and sharing with the rest of my friend who were quite worry of the long journey. Well, I told them not to worry at all for this journey was 7 hours shorter compare to my trip to UK for my son graduation on 13 july 2010

On arrival, I could see that it was really different as compare to the period I left. Landed at the New airport, IKA, I do not need to fill in any arrival form and the new computerised system made us checked through the immigration without loosing any precious time for all of us were tired during this long journey. as normal, all our bags were scan through as any other countries.

Cruising through the new highway was very fast during the early morning and finally we were sleeping in our hotel bed from 5.00am onward. Could not sleep much but woke up around 10.00am.

At 1.00pm we were heading for our lunch and also attending a meeting ..The following night I went to bed early. The night was superb.
Wake up early and went over to the bread bakery and purchased the local bread for our breakfast in the hotel room................


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