Monday, September 27, 2010

The Iranian restaurant

Iranian Food
The Kebab

Jet lag again. for I could not sleep so here I am continuing my blog on Iran after taking my farsi audio course which i have bought from there.
Many times I would talk about the delicious foods that I have eaten in Iran but sometime my friends might not believe what I have spoken. Well, on this trip I have taken many photos and with my friends as witnesses. T
hey loved it too. If you have not been here, you could not believe what I have said before , Hoh Liao!! ( in Hokkien dialect: delicious)

The first restaurant we took our lunch

Me with the bread on the table................. the Cheese and Salad

Bread with Olive and salted cucumber pickles

Rice and yoghurt

Chicken , Rib and Lamb Kebab

Look at the delicious foods

Chicken kebab and Olive pickle

For one of my colleague who has gone to Middle East to work, I have forgotten to remind him that when one takes a Middle East meal, one must eat whatever was served on the table. Well, this helps to neutralize the meat meal. Yogurt, yogurt drinks and some pickles and salad are compulsory.

Cont ......................... tomorrow

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