Saturday, August 07, 2010

THe Route We walked to Manchester Metropolitan University

The reversed journey: from Manchester city back to Daisy Hall Dorm.

DAD, Our daily walk to University for the first month,
Now you are experiencing yourself our boulevard walk , EH!!!!!

Passing through Manchester University. This is not my U.

and over there further extension of another MMU department

The Garden that we passed through.This is a beautiful garden.
Dad, Let me have the camera. So beautiful lavender and the bees over them.

Go ahead, and but do not let the bee sting you. I better take a rest!!!!!

By the way, what is the name of this garden???

Along the way until.....this junction......... ..................................

Go into the "Arab" store to purchase our daily stuff and walk back again to Daisy Hall Road

Juntion of Daisy Hall Road leading to our apartment. Opposite is the bus stop where we board our daily bus when I was in Manchester.

Dad, Are you tired????? walk faster. a few more steps

Go Ahead Son, I am taking some memorable photo shots.
Al least I have a good experienced of your walking route. ...Ha ! Ha!!!

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