Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Being a traveler.

Simplicity of a student traveler.

Being worry for not taking such a long journey before and traveling to a country of having summer temperature of 20 degree like Genting Highland in Malaysia which I considered very hot by the local and my son. I decided to ask my son all the doubtful questions before taking this trip.

Dad :Why so few things to take back to UK?

XY: Dad, I have a lot of things to take back to Penang.

Dad: Will you be very cold in the airport or later when we arrive in UK

XY: Who say that it is very cold in the airport? To me it is just nice and comfortable and UK is very hot now, average of 20 degree!!!!!.. Oop, I have forgot to book our hotel in London with aircon

Dad: I see but better to take a Jacket with me in case. Old people like me.

XY: Yes Dad, you better , in fact I have one jacket for you when you arrive there. Do not take extra clothing over there. Just make sure you bring enough underwears and one extra jean for traveling. In case you cannot wear my clothing, which I have then just go into Primark and buy them. Only 1 pound per T shirt. We can throw them away after our journey in case they are bad

Dad: Ok then UK here I come

In KLIA airport, lining up at immigration check point. . he has only one laptop in his bag and a rechargeable plug point and that is the most important during this travel.

XY : Hopefully Etihad airline provide us a more advance plane during this journey. During my trip back, I could charge my computer in the plane during the journey ( 7 hours flight for first half.) The only problem I have was trying to find a power point in Abu Dhabi especially when there was delay of extra 5 hours. My total flight ende up to be 21 hours.

Dad: I see, but do they have a power point in the plane? Yet to see.
When I was on board, I saw it, behind each seat. On checking with the Stewardess, this is Boeing 777 flight.

On our way to Paris.. We always carried an empty bottle so that we can refilled water from dispenser in the boarding area for we will be very thirsty during journey.

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