Saturday, August 07, 2010

Paris,here I come.

My neighbor

Before leaving for UK, my neighbor, Mr. Soo called me over to his house and together with his wife, both started to give me idea off where we should visit when in Paris. He highlighted to me the location where my son, Xing Yi, has booked the hotel and also the way to travel around in Paris by using the Metro. Both of them has been in Paris for almost 20 years and his pronunciation of those French name was fantastic. . Giving me a Paris map and circulating the landmarks, I felt a bit confidence of where I should go. I even mentioned to them that Xing Yi might be able to read the French words and speak a bit too since learning it during his class in KL. Their last advice, drink some wine for they are very cheap in France which I did not.

Paris, 15/07/10

Finally, we left Manchester by flight and arrived in the CDG's (Charles de Gaullee airport in the early morning.

I am still sleepy when arriving in Paris, CDG (Charles de Gaullee) airport

Upon arrival, we bought the "Paris Visite Pass " card for 5 days ( For all Zone) to speed up the time of traveling. Xing Yi kept the ticket through our stay in paris for I have once lost a 11 pound bus ticket in Manchester. We took the RER "A "to our hotel in Convention. Left our baggage in the hotel and went straight out again to find the Designers' outlet in La Vallee Village which he has planned to go. Xing Yi lead the way and told me that i
t was very near Disneyland. We took the Metro line and exchanged for the RER "A -4"route to a station called Val d' Europe. Walk a certain distant and finally arriving at the outlet.

At the La Vallee Village Outlet

La Vallee Village Outlet

(An extract from the
website for Outlet )

The village opens everyday (In France, usually shops close every Sunday) from 10.00-20.00.
There are some place
to eat too, such as Starbucks Coffee and Berts.
Almost all the sales
person here can speak English. So, it was really
enjoyable for me as a tourist.

From Paris you can take the subway, by car, or by bus.

Subway: from Station Chatellet-Les Halles
Choose RER A with
the terminus Marne La Valle/Parc Disneyland.
Stop at the station Val D’Europe (one station before Parc Disneyland

), in a very short walking distance you will find a new building ‘Centre Commercial Val D’Europe’. Walk through this building, and at the end you will find a complex full of branded factory outlet stores.
The place is like a new village, with a very confo
rtable environment, some playing grounds for kids, foodstall, and places to rest.

Car: take the A4 Motorway, exit 12.1, follow the sign “La Vallee Village” at the 1st roundabout, entrance at the second roundabout.

Shuttle bus: La Vallee Village is linked to the Disney hotels by the dedicated La Vallee shuttle bus.

The address is:
La Vallee Outlet Shopping Village
3 Cours de la Garonne 77700


Xing Yi checked through the prices and also items that we need to buy back to Malaysia and none fit our requirement. Well, we headed back to Paris city where we would be able to find our items. We intended to purchase what we were instructed for one day only so that we could proceed with our sight seeing tomorrow.

Inside the RER "A4" train .Double deck design

The RER A train and some station along the way back to Center Paris

in front of Nosiy -Champ stati0n

Nice music in the RER train

Galleries Lafayette

In this shopping outlet, we started to search for handbags , Longchamp. We were informed that normally some of the pattern are out of stock and we have to return the next day. True enough , we have to return tomorrow.

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