Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Meals in Manchester

Cooking at home

Well, how to save when the normal average cost per meal is 5 pound even in Macdonald, it is 4 + pound. Like all oversea student, cooking at home will cut this cost.
During this trip, we cooked our dinner and balance will be transferred to the following morning for lunch or breakfast depending on the time we woke up. If not left over, then cooking some dishes will still help the cost.

All the dished for steam boat during dinner.

The following morning, XY will cook this dish for lunch?? for he woke up around 10.00am
. For me, bread and peanut butter is my favorite.

Well, we cannot pack our meals along when traveling except taking water in our bag pack. So we took the rest of the meals in restaurants for over here in UK , we could not find any hawker store like in Penang. The price was fixed as per menu....4 to 5 pound!!!!! We are lucky to be born in Asia for we could take our meal in a cheaper meal shop like, Kopitiam", the old outlet store without aircon.

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