Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The trip to Shenzhen via Bangkok and back to Kuala Lumpur through Hong Kong

Posting through Mr. Soo's computer in Shenzhen, China.

In the Apartment beside Window of the World
Mr. PM Soo showing us his full gear when going around in Shenzhen during the weekend.
His advice: Never miss China for there are many wonderful things to be seen and not to miss all the latest electronic gadgets.

Approximate Cost of all the flight for 2 pax

Visas to China (single entry) Rm 160 for 2 person
KL to Bangkok: RM 421 plus insurance
Bangkok to Shenzhen: Rm 906 plus insurance
Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpur: Rm 682 (ex insurance)

Total Rm 2009
Hotel in Bangkok 4 nights: RM400
Hotel in Hong Kong 2 nights Rm720
Shenzhen free lodging.
Total Hotel Rm 1120
Overall Airfare and Hotel : RM 3129

In Kuala Lumpur
Depart time 6.50pm (local time)

In LCCT, Kuala Lumpur departure lounge

I took the flight to Bangkok via Kuala Lumpur for I have to meet my son straight from his college after taking his term exam. I took a bus from Penang, 7.00am, 18/09/09 and arrived in KL around 11.45 am
My son asked me to put my main baggage in a locker in KL Sentral that he has heard of. Well, I found the locker and after paying Rm 5. I went down to the information counter and inquired where about is the EPF buil
ding in KL so as to nominate my EPF's heritance and was informed the nearest one will be in the city, near to Bank Negara train station. Good for me as I can easy take the KTM direct to( Commuter train as called in KL) Setia Jaya station beside Taylor College.

Before leaving the EPF building, my son called me informing me that he has finished his exam paper and my god!, he left the exam hall earlier by 1 hour. Worried that he could make silly error , I asked him whether he has checked his paper thoroughly and he always answer ,SO So lah!

Anyway the KTM arrived 20 minutes at Setia Jaya from Bank Negara. Called him and he asked me to look for his friend, Amelia. Found her sitting with all my son friends having their break before the session at 2.00pm. Well, my son managed to be exempted for the last seesion and we were given a lift to the nearest LRT station by his friend, Joyce. At the station,he was also given a hug, "western way" by his friend, Natalia, before climbing up to the LRT station which I never seen before. Well, they are very close friend

Took our lunch at KL Sentral and then the airbus journe
y to LCCT ( Low cost carrier terminal)terminal took nearly an hour.
Sorry , but I have to stop for a while for my son and Mr Soo came to me and informed me of how strong the Typhoon was outside. You can feel glass pane vibrating and the howling sound through the balcony sliding door

Fare involved:
Aero Bus. From KL Sentral to LCCT airport: RM 8.00/pax
Taxi to Hotel in Patunam ( Thailand) Baht 560/ taxi by meter plus Baht 25 for using the express way.

Day 1: Bangkok

Arriving in Bangkok,Thailand
Arrival time 7.50 pm (local time)

Stayed in Grand Watergate hotel again for this trip. As usual, before travelling around in bangkok, we went and prayed to Lord Prapong and then started our window shopping at a Central supermarket along Sukhumvit and Silom. Sad, for there was no big sale during period.
I walked around this area and realize that most of the hotels have the name Watergate behind. I was wondering why and all of a sudden, I recalled the meaning of Patunam : Patu means Gate and Nam means Water. So that is why they call the hotel as Watergate.
Hard trying to recall my Thai language but still manage to go through after a few words. In fact the Thai people offered to correct my pronunciation when I was wrong.
Now a day, I speak less Thai for the Malaysian TV station has shut down the Hatyai TV station after 12.00 midnight. and hence I could not practise!!!

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