Friday, August 22, 2008

Farewell to some staff

Some even leaving the company after 2251 days, why? Anyway, all the best to them.

All IA staff

Fond memories

Mah Cheng Inn at his work station...................Mah Cheng Inn, if he dress up some might thought that he is Wang Li Hon! A soft spoken person

Lunch for him. Ooh Oh, the chef forgot to press the click button and we miss the overall picture
of the staff

Lucky, one shot taken before the lunch ended


  1. thanks sharon toh for asking me to check mr.kang blog.ha ha...tht is so funny to see my own face appeared here.

    Leaving the company even after 2251days, why? ----because it hv been already 2251 days...:)

    so mr kang, hv u bought this number or not? ---> 2251