Sunday, September 28, 2008

Shenzhen, China

Day 5 (22/09/09)

Depart Bangkok: 6.50pm and arrived Shenzhen:10.50pm (local time)

Mr Soo's apartment is beside the Window of the world.

We took a taxi to my friend apartment and the taxi driver has to check with other drivers our destination and finally Mr. Soo guided the driver to his apartment. The taxi charge was Yuan 90
Upon arrival, we took out all our soiled clothes and immediately washed them. Well, before sleeping,I managed to dry all the clothing.

Mr Soo's apartment is approximately 1,600 sq ft and well designed. The price was almost Rm 1 million. Well it consist of a hall, kitchen ,drying yard, 3 bedrooms, one computer room and a store room. Very big and very comfortable place.

Our first Breakfast in Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) outlet

The following morning, after our breakfast in KFC, we left "Shi Min Zhong Xin", Metro station for Loh Wu, the last station at the border between Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Upon reaching the border we walked back to the second last station and shop around in one of the complex. Well, a kind sale girl told us to go to Lau Jie where we can shop. I recalled that in one of my company study trip we arrived at this place quite late and has limited time to shop. We quickly took the Metro back to this place called Lau Jie. Big Hurrah, the summer sale was on in this place. Buy Buy Buy and final, my son mentioned that he has not buy anything for himself for his intention was to wait until we were in Hong Kong. Around 3.00pm, Mr Soo called to remind us to returned by 6.30pm so that he could take us to a place where I can witness and see all the electronic gadgets . We left early and upon reaching back to the apartment,5.30pm, we realised the wind were blowing very strongly along the road and most of the umbrella flipped back. Once back in our apartment, Mr Soo called us on the house phone and told us the "Yellow" warning was on air that can be seen on the local channel and we should stay at home until he returned. Sad for my son and me for we were talking about this gadget place even before making this trip. Well, luck was not on our side.. The typhoon was out there and we have no choice but to eat around our apartment and later Mr. Soo treated us for an ice cream. We went back to our apartment earlier in order to plan for our Hong Kong trip..

The taxi fare from our apartment was only Yuan 30 and the bus ticket per pax to Dorsett Hotel was HK $ 40/ per pax. From Apartment in Shenzhen to hotel in Hong Kong ,the duration taken was 2 hours

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