Sunday, September 28, 2008

Chatuchak in Bangkok,thailand

In Bangkok : Day 2

Day 2: Bangkok city

Breakfast in the hotel

Praying to Lord Prapong before proceeding to any where

On Saturday morning, we made our trip to the famous open market, Chatuchak Weekend Market .Everyone should not miss this place. It is always open on Saturday and Sunday only.
Bought some souvenirs for relative and my son bought some magazine to read for the flight to Shenzhen which might take us 3 hours plus. Why buy the magazines here? Well, a week old Newsweek cost only RM2 and not to mention all the English story books that are very very cheap.The books stalls are situated beside the MRT station, Kamphaeng.

Map of Chatuchak below

Stalls layout. For easy excess note the MRT and Skytrain station

Even beautiful puppies are sold here

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