Sunday, September 16, 2007

Why Do I Start Blogging

Strange Question Eh!

Today, Miss Fong was in my house trying out the new 3D Cad software called Sketch Up with my computer and at the same time trying out video conferencing with my son who was in Petaling Jaya. My wife managed to talk to her sister over the net with the webcam.I started to show Miss Fong my blog and she asked me why I started blogging. I read through all the posted items and found that none of them explained the main reason for my blogging.
Well, in the first blog, Mr Mah, an architect , attached with my technical department was teaching me how to start off.
Most of the time whenever I sat down with my staff, I would start to tell a story related to an experience that I have gone through. To my surprise some of the listeners, audiences would say that I am telling lies or making up stories.
In one incident at University Place,a project by Ivory Group ,I was telling some friends about how in Iran, our team of Senior Mechanical and Electrical supervisors would help the mechanic in creating a tool to remove the piston lining out from the Generator Set because this Generator set has never been stripped. The Gen Set broke down during winter time and in order to repair it immediately all of us gave the fullest help. The only help that I could do was to collect woods and started the fire to warm up the room and at the same time cleaning the external body of the engine with diesel. I have no choice for under the Project Organisation chart I was put in charge of this mechanic section.
After narrating the story, my friend left and not knowing that I was following behind them, one of them happened to tell the other friend that I have learned a lot of things and to my surprise the other person replied with these words,
Do Not listen To Him Bullshitting. All of a sudden, he realised that I was behind them and I could see the colour of his face changed.
From that day onwards, I started to realise that all the truth happenings that I have spoken might not be believe by some people. Well, after narrating the incident to Mr Mah and Miss Siow Yen ( Both Architects), they suggested to me on the blogging idea for I could scan the pictures and together with the stories I could get it posted, it would help me to prove what I have spoken.

Going back to my house, I started to search all the photographs in the albums and on most of the free nights, I started to scan the pictures after my dinner. I started to get new idea to improve my blog. Special help was also given by a Mechanical Engineer, Mr Wong, from another company. For Multimedia, Eng Keng and Sharon gave me further advice on how to use Photoshop software for editing my photos . Special thank to everybody who in one way or another helps to improve my blog as a better web site to visit.
It was at this moment in time that I started to read books on how to write and also to collect ideas from authors.

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