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Special moment of my life (updated 25/9/07)

Leaving Home

Searching for a suitable career

Being borne in a family filled with lot of love and happiness, the first time when I was leaving home for my further education was the saddest time for me. Just imagined, everyday I have nothing to worry. Morning breakfast and the rest of the meals being prepared by my mum or the helper in the house. Clothings washed by the maid, and the rest the thing one can think of.

The only thing that my parent wanted us to do was to study hard and also to help them to sell grocery good to English speaking customer "Ah Mo Lang" ( Foreigners: During that time there were alot of Australian in Tanjong Bungah and also Hippies.) or to be around in the afternoon in the shop so that my Mum could take a short nab when my Dad was in the Orchard.

Home Sick

Other than this, there was the time when I landed in Iran and totally lost due to the different language. Very home sick and have to start cooking for myself even when I have an Iranian helper who I have finally trained to be our camp kitchen helper. Whatever my mum taught me helped me at this time.
Once when I was very sick in Singapore and fortunately my friend wife was there to help out. I remembered that she boiled ginseng drink and put them in the fridge and remindered me to drink at 3.00am in the morning so as to lower my body temperature.
The next thrilling experience that I have was during the flight from Kuching, Sarawak, to Bintulu
All the while I was flying from one country to another in the Boeing 747 and this particular flight was only by Fokker plane.

Well other than these was my first day to KL by the normal night Train couch. I was very tired for I could not sleep with the inclined sit. I remembered that I went down on the platform of the train to sleep and in order not to dirt my clothing, I laid a few old newpapers. Very fortunate, the passsenger in front of me did not disapprove for my leg stretched below his sit. During my first trip back to Penang, I took a day train, Rakyat Express to avoid my habit. For the rest of the trips to KL or back to Penang by train , I would book the train with berth or else travelled during the day.

Girl Friends

Questions popped up, how many girlfriends do you have? How do you meet your wife?
Well, at the very beginning, I felt that all these questions were very P & C but now it is not.
Share with your college for there are many boys and girls asking what do you do when dating. blur........................blur.

My first friend

Part of the team that worked in Drive In

I met a girl while working together in a Drive -In as a part time waiter. This was my first job after my Form Five examination. The school term break duration was from December to February. While working in this restaurant, built and operated by a very intelligent and enterprising lawyer, a funny thing happened on one of the night. During that night, when we have cleared all the tables and washed up all the dishes, the chief dispenser sat down with us and started talking about 'girl and boy friend stuff". He mentioned that two people that were fitted for each other was me and another girl ( his opinion). All of us laughed at it for we were not that keen to go into this relationship. But then things started to go along this way. One day, he asked all of us to go out for a show, called "The Seagull". But on that day nobody turned up and it was arranged earlier that I have to fetch this girl. Regardless of the condition , I went to her house to inform her of everybody decision . Upon arriving at her door, I knocked at her door and she was there all dress up. I told her about the actual scenario and she decided to go for the show . We managed to get the tickets and before going into the cinema, I bought a drink, Coke, and surprising the seller gave me only one straw!. I went back to him asked for another one and he smiled and said this words, "one straw more romantic lah". Well, I will never forget this first "date" . By the way the Chinese love story was called , "Hai O Fei Cho".

Time passed so fast and before going back to school, I asked her when was her birthday and she mentioned ,"30th February". I recorded this date and by that month I found that she has played a joke on me.
Well, I decided to bring her something in spite of the joke.
On the 28th February, I told my mum that I was going to visit a girl on her birthday and asked her where I could buy flowers . Without a second taught, my mum went out to the garden and trimmed a few Orchid for me to take along. Knocking on her door for the 2nd time, her mother was there to answer me and I was very scared but still murmured out her name. She came to door and I gave her the flowers and mentioned that it was a belated present for I do not know the actual birthday. She said thank you and after a few words ,I quickly left (Scare like hell,shivering too).
She came as a Top Student, 5A, in Penang for HSC. The last time I met her was when I visited her in her dormitory in Malaya University. She was taking a course in Medicine.

Did you see her after that visit? Second Question popped up

Yes, one fine morning right below her apartment with my wife who was pregnant ( with our first child)
We talked and then she left us . News of her where about came to me through the Senior dispenser, oh! she is now in India taking her paediatrician course . The last time I saw her was when we were on the ferry going over to Butterworth. My wife saw her first and we went over to see her. She looked very fit and cheerful and was a trip to Mount Kinabalu. We talked about my son medical problem that day in the ferry.
Well, the final news of her well beings was she was lecturing in the university and finally got married. All the best to her.

During school, days, my closest friend, Jeffrey Khor Kok Wah, would even composed a poem for me in class just to make fun of me. Hee!Hee! Good old school days.

My Love

Kang was making history
The day that he was born
For then he could at once foresee
His partner- the pretty ..Love...
Everyday he'd sing a song
To pass the time, so long
Before the girl should come along
In the person of Miss ..Love......
Love ..,.Love........, listen to me
In my mind its only you I see
My love for you will not break free
It only multiplies by painful degree
In my mind I do not doubt
A feeling piercing right through
A love you cannot know about
That exists - still unseen by you
By the present cannot be more blessed
This time I will not resist
For now I hereby confess
A love that will forever exist.
Note: Word, "Love" ( name of the girl that I left out for personal reason )

The 2nd friend

The college mate

After getting my MCE, I went down to KL to take a course in a technical college and there I met my closest friend while studying there. We met when I visited my course mate in his house. They were all renting a house and sharing out the rooms. I do not recall how but she seem to click with me but whenever we went in a group, she and I would talk alot. As time went by when we were out together, she would also pay for the meal too. She was older by one year and I could remembered that she was 3 inches taller too. We have alot of thing in common. I felt very at ease even with the rest of our friend around. The strangest thing was that I never HOLD HER HAND. Do you call this dating, I think not. I did not visit her parent in her home town but she came to Penang one day without my knowledge. My parent was happy to meet her and even commented well of her.
Finally, the saddest moment came when I have to see her off in Subang Airport for she has to further her studies. I remembered she introduced me to her uncle who supported her education in Scotland and also all her relatives who were present that night. Time went by so fast and one dayI learned from her closed friends that she has completed her degree and was back in KL. I was very happy to see her. She asked whether I have a girlfriend and I answered yes, a normal friend at that time. When I asked her back, she said that she has a boyfriend and I responsed with a cheerful smile, mentioning that was good. She told me that her boyfriend was my relative. Surprised, I asked who and she mentioned his name. She told me that she has even told him about me too.
Finally, she got married. As for me ,on one of my R & R trip back from Iran, she was a witness to my marriage registration.

Time passed so fast, I lost her phone number ( mobile phone breakdown) but she and her family would always visit my house during Chinese New Year. My dad and mum would tell me that they were here when I was down in Setiawan, Lumut ( my wife home town) for my parent could remember her well.

The last time I met her was when I was down in PJ checking on my youngest son, Taylor college, for he wished to take a course over there. She introduced me to her youngest son and showed me her new office. Looking at her , I remembered asking why she did not dye her white hair, and as usual she smiled cheekily and asked me too.
Well, finally she passed away. During the wake, all her relatives spoke to me and I was very surprised that she kept up dating them on issues and happenings regarding me. For example. Kang has finally manage to learn and speak mandarin, he has got 2 sons. he is working in Indonesia now or back in Penang and again in Bangkok for another project, blah ........

Very sad that she has left us forever but she would always remind me to look forward in life.
How much care did for me? Well,I remembered that on one of my trip in KL, she took me to see a Chinese Physician , a very close teacher of her and got him to examine me thoroughly just to make sure that I was without any illness.
She finally left us for a better world or life.
Life goes on,she would remind me again.

My girlfriend

Well. non other than my wife. Met her in the swimming pool in PJ . A treat of A & W hotdog by her and friend started up the "PAI TOR"affair. Love at first sight!!!

My wife and me in our younger day

In marriage ,we always have our up and down but the famous words that my Dad and Mum would say to us when they were around, " If one of you were to speak less during argument time, then the matter could easily be resolved."

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