Friday, January 27, 2012

Koh Mak and her surrounding islands

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On 25/1/2012 , we decided to go island hoping. In most of our trip to marine island, we would visit the surrounding marine parks which consists of many smaller islands. In this trip ,we have booked a full day visit to the surrounding park one day earlier.
After taking our breakfast which was included in our hotel stay ,we went over to the reception and waited for the diving company to pick us up. The diving company was very punctual and at 9.00 pm sharp, we were on our way to the diving shop. On arrival , a diver from this company, Koh Mak Divers ,
was immediately sorting out the snorkeling gear that we will be using. My wife was immediately given one to try on and the instructor explained how to choose the right one. I did not need one for I have brought one along from Penang. This mask has been kept hanging in my house for nearly 2 years. The diving instructor has a thorough check of my mask and finally gave me green light. He reminded me to rinse it with fresh water after each use.

Mum in front of the diver shop

Global position of this shop, Koh Mak Divers.

Location of the marine park in relation to Koh Mak

Close view of the islands that we will be snorkeling/ diving.

Divers equipment being sorted out and placed in bag.

When all things were sorted out, new learners have to fill a form
and to certify they were physically fit for the lesson they have requested, we were on our way to another pier.
The instructor asked me why I did not sign up for diving lesson since I love swimming and visiting marine parks. I told him , I have a hole in my ear drum and have recovered since at my younger age and on the preventive side, I have avoided diving. I recalled having to dive down 3m deep to pick up a cooking pot when on one of the company trip to Pulau Perhentian.

A male welder with his friend,a teacher on the transit to Australia .

Our time together on this trip.

One of the boat carrying the divers

Here we met many nationalities .

Below are 3 charts indicating the type of fishes and coral that
we might encounter on this trip

Type of coral.

On one of the island that we snorkeled

Me, in action . . ..old man .

Mum after 2 hours of swimming , looked very tired

Finally, we were on our back .

By 4.00 pm , we were back to our resort. Strange, my wife decided to continue swimming in front of our chalet .Well, looking at her, I think she will miss this island for tomorrow we will be leaving at 9.00am sharp .
In my mind, I knew that she would not return here again for the journey is very tiring. From my home in Penang to here,Koh Mak , nearly 15 hours of travel ( excluding staying a night ( 12 hours) in Trat) .

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  1. Mr & Mrs Kang "Keong Hee Huat Chye" to you both and enjoy yourselves!