Monday, November 01, 2010

To recall Shanghai Thang

Dennis, I managed to stitch them up and hope it is ok

Last night in Shanghai.

Never have I been a film director but tonight I definitely must try to shoot the last episode of this historical Shanghai in China.........

Act 6: our pretty girl calls to her boyfriend to follow her after arriving in a rickshaw.

Act 7: The handsome boy turns away after telling his girlfriend who is in the other rickshaw that he has another girl in his heart. Well, the girl starts to cry using her hand to wipe the tears. She must have forgotten to bring her silk handkerchief .

Cut, Cut , every act is perfect. Turning to my Assistant Director, I ask him why the girl did NOT remove her watch and wear her Levis jean..!!!!!..........

React again.....Tough to be a director.
I better go back to my construction work..

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