Saturday, November 06, 2010

Magic competition in KL

What is Magic?

Many years ago ,I let my son play this game and on and off ,I would drop by the shopping complex to witness for myself what this game was about . I cannot comment so much but eventually my colleague told me not to worry for her husband also plays this game. One day, I decided to follow my son down to Kl and watch him participate inthe competition. ( worried father) .Any other father ?

PY In the hall

Meeting his friends

with close friend Alex from Penang

Let the competition begin

All the cards were drawn and printed under licence to sell.
In the hall, I met one guest artist who flew in from America.
While waiting, I went over to look at an artist drawing for his client. Well, I will have to ask PY who he is and what he is doing later when he comes out.

Hand on drawing whoever wants to buy.

I took a picture of the completed card with permission from the purchaser

The winner of the competition is only a very young boy. Fantastic Eh!!

Humble too

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