Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Balik Pulau, a small town in Penang.

XY discussing with his mum on the neat, well organized bus terminal and not to forget the new bus system.

Balik Pulau

I could only recall visiting this small town when I followed my dad on one of his trips here to buy some piglets for our farm .There used to be many pig farms over here. Recently, my son requested me to take him over there for he had not been there since young. Furthermore he would be leaving for his first new job in Middle East, Abu Dhabi in 3 days' time.
As usual , our main motive was to eat some tasty food that was considered "Ho Chiak" ( tasty in Hokkien Dialect).
Along the journey, I found that certain stretches of the roads have been broadened and some had not for the state Government had yet to acquire the land to do so. Well, our ride was very smooth on that Sunday morning.

The power transmission line that supplies electricity to this exclusive town

The broad winding road along the way

One of the oldest schools in Penang,S.K. Chong Teik found in this town

The new bus terminal

Inside the bus terminal

The new wet market

The well organized food stalls

A lot of green enhances this market

Children's playground of the best markets

As usual, I was reading my newspaper while having my breakfast.

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