Monday, October 04, 2010

In Tehran , Iran

I made a business trip to Iran.We managed to walk to Vanak Square from our hotel. It was near several streets.Since I was sickand felt giddy, we have to walk down to the Vanak roundabout to look for a pharmacy to buy my medication in the early morning.
We were trying to look for the sign ,"pharmacy" in English but could not find one around. Well, I turned to the people around and started asking. Initially , no one help ed but then a boy who was passing by turned around and asked me if I needed any help. He was very fluent in English.He turned towards the roundabout and showed me where the Pharmacy was. I thanked him and he left for the bus terminal that was beside us .
Iran is very different now and has improved a lot. I was informed that about 10 to 15% people in Tehran speak good English.

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