Sunday, October 31, 2010

Eastern Smelting Company in Penang, Malaysia

A brief story of this Smelting company in pictures
As a young boy, I was always wondering what was really behind this high hoarding. Our family passed this road when we were on our way to Federal Cinema which was further down the road to watch a movie, entitled, " The one armed swordman" acted by Wang Yu,
Since then the site has been taken over by Ivory Properties Group,
The story of this place in pictures was posted on the fence for the public to view.

The high hoarding surrounding this plant

Very big indeed was the plant

The last of the CEO

Delivery of tin ore from port to this plant

Tin Ingots

Tough work indeed

The British managers and the Workers' Union

The British managers and their family

If you have the chance to visit The Birch House, you can see this historical plate on top of the main door.

Lee Chin Ho : the original owner of the tin smelter

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